Douglas College Psychiatric Nursing fall 2017

  1. Hey just wondering how many people have applied or were planning on applying to the first intake of the newly structured psych nursing program at Douglas for fall 2017?
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  3. by   pumpkincat
    Hi there! Planning to apply to the Fall 2017 intake too! I have a couple prerequisites to finish up, but hopefully this program isn't as competitive as Douglas's BSN program...
  4. by   dcarter94
    I'm hoping it's less competitive too! They are still accepting applications where the regular bsn has closed them down until next intake so thats a good sign. I'm just finishing up biol 2200 and Engl 1130 what classes do you have to finish?
  5. by   dcarter94
    anyone else planning on applying?
  6. by   pumpkincat
    I still have my patho, microbio and a psych to finish up
  7. by   dcarter94
    are you taking patho right now?
  8. by   dcarter94
    I've applied and had the admissions adviser mark on my application that my last two course were in progress fall 2016 so my application would stay after after the first deadline. Have you done the same?
  9. by   nadernic
    Hi there! I have applied for the program as well. I've completed all my pre-reqs in the Summer, so hopefully I have somewhat of a chance. My application status on the website right now says "Decision made" however under decision it just says Initial Adm.Req.Complete. I was wondering if anyone else had this?
  10. by   dcarter94
    That sounds really good! Because I am still finishing two classes a decision has not been made yet so my still says outstanding Adm requirements with a note that they are in progress. It sound like you will probably be offered a seat!
  11. by   pumpkincat
    No, I'm actually taking all three classes later in January, so my chances of getting in are quite low...
  12. by   dcarter94
    Yeah I believe you have to finish them by december for them to even look at your application :/
  13. by   chellard
    I have applied and I am currently finishing up micro and patho this semester.
    They told me that they have marked that my pre reqs are in progress as well.

    At least they didnt just instantly reject us like everyone who applied to regular BSN while still in the prereqs!

    I wonder what kind of a chance we actually have
  14. by   chellard
    also did anyone else notice that on the list of all the requirements where it has filled in our grades and the ones that are still required/in progress etc. on the application status page, that psych 1100 and 1200 and the other university elective course are not listed? were those ones not direct requirements too?

    the only courses listed on my chart are bio 1103/1203, psych 2300, english 1130 and an english UT elective, then the last 2 bios which I am currently still taking. but no mention of the other courses?