BScN-ON distance learning?

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    I am in my last semester of the RPN program at Algonquin in Pembroke. I plan to do the BScN program next. I want to do some of it online in ON. Is there a University where I can do courses that will go toward my degree? I know Nipissing has a program but they don't have a facility in Pembroke where I can do my clinical...yet. I figured if I got a head start on some classes, it will lighten the load when I am ready to go full time. I am a mature student by the way!
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    You can do stuff like stats and electives at athabasca.. You can be an undeclared student and do some courses... I am in Nipissing and i did previous courses at athabasca and other universities and it was accepted. They won't "guarantee" transferability until you apply
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    How did you pick the courses to take?
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    If you look at the BScN courses where u may eventually want to go then take the courses like statistics, philosphy, and electives. You have to do some research
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    Thanks! I will check into that.