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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that BCIT is the most recognized... Read More

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    Thousands of applicants for OTHER PROGRAMS not just nursing applicants
    and yes, it is a super long wait....but soooooo worth it once you get in.

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    It's good to see everyone is so keen here, but try not to stress yourselves too much. When I applied I handed ALL my things on the last day, and in the end I got messages and stuff faster than everyone else (weeks ahead even..).. So just relax! :O)
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    Quote from smiley65
    Thousands of applicants for OTHER PROGRAMS not just nursing applicants
    and yes, it is a super long wait....but soooooo worth it once you get in.
    Oh thank god! I Almost lost all hope there for a second lol and was about to go into cardiac arrest. I wonder how many applicants there were for this program...probably 600 or something...Can't wait for sept to come though..I can't believe I want summer to end quickly! lol...thanks again smiley
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    You are very welcome. I remember being in your position wishing I had more info, so I am happy to help. I think there is anywhere from 600 to 800 applicants per intake.....Alot anyways...you have most of the self scheduled classes done, a good gpa, volunteer work, and determination......you're golden....as dmak said....try to relax
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    Thanks again, you're so sweet! Can't wait...!!
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    smiley, what are the hours like for the program? I play a league sport and I am contemplating signing up this season for two different teams. One team has practice on monday night and the other wednesday night. I am planning to be accepted, so lets say I do, are there any night courses? or when do you usually get off lecture and what days tend to be clinical days? and is there any lecture or clinical scheduled for the weekends??

    thanks so much!
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    Hi level 1 clinical is tues and wednesday so I wouldn't recommend making any plans for Monday nights as these can be pretty heavy for patient research. My schedule last term (level 1) was Monday's- 830 to 330. Tues/wed clinical-7-2 or 11 ish to 5ish (not everyone alternates) thurs was 830 to 230. Some ppl had Fridays off (but had to come in most weeks for short seminars). I had patho on Fridays from 1030 to 12. There is alot of homework, and like I said Monday nights are the heaviest. And you might not finish clinical on Wednesday's until after 6 (by which time you WILL need a nap). All that being said, it totally depends on you, your studying style, how much you can front load, and how well you can balance everything. Hope that helps
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    Oh man...all day monday.... patient research sounds so much fun, lol
    Only 15 more days until they start to review applications !
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    I still don't have a third email saying everything is in
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    Yes that's a lot of help!! Thanks so much. seriously smiley I feel like I need to bake you cupcakes, you are so helpful!

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