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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   chemis3
    Congrats to everyone that was shortlisted. The letter they sent says people who applied to the last intake don't have to send references unless they want to update them. So i don't think i'm sending one in since i'd be getting them from the same people anyway and they were great references. It just feels weird not to be sending anything. :S Anyone got any advice?
  2. by   Old Soul
    Congrats to everyone that has been shortlisted so far. I've been following along with you for some time, and I sympathize with everyone's anxiety. This is my second time applying.

    Smiley, thank you for all of your contributions in this forum. Can you give me a rough description of what your schedule was like for level 1? I noticed that level 1 is suppose to be 17 weeks, did you finish in May? And final question, if you have completed the liberal studies requirements, do you have to take anything during the summer?

    Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   walkr
    Hi! I have been following this forum since the summer, and I've now decided to join! It's been great reading through everyone's posts. I applied for August 2012 and got shortlisted and then waitlisted but a seat did not come up. I reapplied for January 2013, on October 17 my status changed to "Provisional Acceptance"!!! I could not have been happier!!!Good luck to everyone that has been shortlisted!Smiley65: thank you for all your posts!!Pemby: look earlier in the posts for the Level 1 schedule.
  4. by   smiley65
    You're welcome and yes, I posted the schedule in an earlier post. We did finish in the 3rd week of may and the summer term was May-Aug. That time is when you complete the self scheduled courses,(there are 7 of them). The list is included in your shortlist package along with a level schedule (level 1, Jan-May, etc.) I finished all but 1 by the time classes started so I had 1 online this summer, and next summer I am volunteering for 5 weeks in Honduras . I do know of people who had 4 this summer.
  5. by   vana_
    Hey Everyone!!!

    I'm back and this time I got shortlisted after receiving a "Non Offer" for the August intake.

    As for the reference forms, if everyone has printed them off and gotten their referees to do them, you can submit one of each employment/volunteer or 2 employment AND the referees can attach a letter or write on the back any additional comments in regards to you. ALSO, it says you can use 2 referees from the same company.

    Good luck to every one!!!! I really hope to get in this time!!!!
  6. by   SIMBURGER
    Hi everyone!

    I have another problem...
    I got my reference from the hospital I volunteered at for several years, but the volunteer coordinator gave me two 3's (Attendance and communication because I took days off to study for exams & to go to my cousin's funeral....) and the rest 4's...I can also get a volunteer reference from a pharmacy and my work reference from this accounting firm I work for.

    What do you think I should do? Should I use the pharmacy over the hospital reference? Or just submit the hospital reference along with my work?

    Please help!!!!!! I'm so stressed .
  7. by   SIMBURGER
    And I used to work at Lenscrafters as a sales representative, but the manager up and quit so I can't get a reference from there either! I'm really struggling with my references at the moment...wish we had a little more time!
  8. by   smiley65
    first of all breathe.....
    now, you need to decide what you think is most important- a reference relevent to nursing that is not perfect, or a "maybe perfect" reference from something not involving direct pt. care. This is a decision only you can make, and no one can determine how the Nursing dept will interpret them. The references supplement everything else on your file so far. good luck!
  9. by   SIMBURGER
    Thank you ....I really needed to vent haha.
  10. by   apple23
    Hi smiley65. I have a question that I was wondering you could help me with. I'm trying to work out a possible weekly schedule so I can plan out childcare, work etc. I was wondering your daily hours relating to school were in level 1 and 2. That is, what were your in class/clinical hour each day of the week. for example, monday - how many hours of classes/clinical. tuesday -classes/clinical. also, on an average week how many assignments, lab preps, essays would you have? this would be very much appreciated. i am just trying to get the best sense possible of what my weeks may look like. thank you in advance!!
  11. by   smiley65
    hi apple23- see page 3 for details.
  12. by   iheartpurple
    I was just par-oozing the earlier pages of this thread and came upon a comment on how approximately 10 people had dropped out of the program in Level 1 for January 2012 intake. This grabbed my attention real quick. Almost 10% dropping out! I can imagine some might be attributed to life-circumstances, but what about the others. I'm pondering out-loud about why and how. It must be really difficult to drop out of something so difficult obtain in the first place. I wonder if this figure is consistent.

    I'm rooting for everyone who is accepted to make it and succeed!!
  13. by   smiley65
    nope, not 10 percent dropped out. At least 1 didn't pass, a cpl others decided it wasn't for them. The attrition rate for BCIT nursing is one of the lowest out there. I think more like 7 all together?? (sorry if I freaked you out with the big 1-0) anyways the number is not that high. People learn very fast if nursing is right for them when they are in the hospital by week 2, so that choice may not have been that difficult for them....there are many factors that could attribute to someone deciding on a different path doesn't have to be negative.