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Hello future nurses, I am so excited to be starting nursing at BCIT in August! For future applicants: To have a strong application make sure you have work experience, volunteer experience... Read More

  1. by   cat5
    you can hand it all in - in person if the transcripts are in sealed envelopes from the post secondary institutions.
  2. by   cat5
    I would recommend doing it in person because then you know they have recieved it for sure.
  3. by   lnguyen
    thank you for the responses
  4. by   lnguyen
    Hi there could someone please help me again so I'm confused about when I would hand in my documents it says ...Applicants must complete all academic requirements and submit a current resume before the application deadline.But then application deadline is the 15th but to hand in documents is in jan .. So do I have to hand in my resume before the 15th? And my highschool transcript is not sealed is that ok? I tried emailing on the bcit website but they say that due to high volumes of mail it may take a while til they respond and the 'application deadline is the end of this week ! Thanks
  5. by   iheartpurple
    hay Inguyen, you have to hand in a sealed high school transcript, sealed post-secondary transcript, resume, cover letter (if you want to increase your chances) by the deadline. There will be a 60$ fee or something like that (I can't remember) when you hand in your stuff. Other documents like references are after you have been short-listed. Then later than that are criminal record check and immunizations etc.
  6. by   lnguyen
    Thanks iheartpurple very helpful so when should I hand it in? The deadline is dec 15th or jan 31?
  7. by   iheartpurple
    Well, I don't know august deadlines, but looking on the website I would go with dec 15! That is when the actual application is due. If you need to wait for any grades, official transcripts and whatnot are due by the 31st of jan. have you already accessed the application? It even has a checklist on it.. I'll attach it to here since it is a public document on the BCIT website
  8. by   iheartpurple
  9. by   lnguyen
    I have already applied online but was wondering if I had to hand in my resume first before application deadline or can I hand it altogether with my official transcripts.
  10. by   iheartpurple
    i believe it can be handed in with everything else! Have you read through the January 2013 thread?
  11. by   cat5
    You have to hand everything in by January 31st.
    I have a question - Should I get my liberal studies classes assessed for transfer before I even get into the program? Or will they see on my transcript that I have two that qualify?
  12. by   lnguyen
    Ok thank you both !! That was what I was confused about.. Yes I read through the jan one but just didn't know when the deadline was since some ppl handed their documents in way earlier than the deadline. Thank you!
  13. by   lnguyen
    I just thought that I had to hand in my high school trans and resume by the end of this week and I haven't ordered a sealed transcript yet.