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Athabasca courses?

  1. 0 I'm looking into taking some general courses at Athabasca. Has anyone taken any with them through distance/online and how did you find it? I really looking to find some suggestions on some easy courses though

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    You've done the Psych, Sociology, and English requirements?

    So it's general electives? What interests you? History, Poli Sci, more Psych?

    Are you close to a city with a Community College? I've known people who have done all their electives there and just transferred them over to AU.
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    fiona i'm not bridging with them if that what you’re thinking, just looking to get a heads up on some easy courses.

    i'd be interested in anything really (not math and i feel like i have had enough of science's for a life time lol) nursing informatics sounded interesting and i was looking into criminal behaviour but it seemed like a lot of work.

    i'm opposite, i want to take all my electives at au so i can spread out my course load and work f/t year round.

    thanks for responding!
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    Apologies for jumping to the bridge conclusion. That's usually the only thing people ask about.

    I'm nearly finished an English/History degree. I tried doing some of AU's courses on line and found out I enjoyed the work more if I was in a lecture hall.

    You're right about work. I did a Criminology course and found myself hating it due to the Prof. The best thing about it was was it was during intersession, so it was over in three weeks. My rotation was such that I only used three vacation days to take it.

    I did an "healthcare education" course through AU on how to teach to your patients and their families, don't remember the course number now. The course work was easy, but I had a hard time tracking down my tutor and the final exam was all multiple choice and I suck at multiple choice.

    The good thing with AU is everything is in the box. You have your internet and the course required books are prepacked so no book store to deal with. Plus you have six months to finish a course. Even with my best intentions to follow the "traditional" four month course like at a "regular" university, I found myself taking the full six months because I knew I had it.

    Good luck.
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    I think I was missleading too, I am bridging, just not at AU. I'm very envious of your history degree. I love history! And I bet you are accutally learning something compared to me!

    I couldn't find the health education course, maybe its no longer offerd. How did did you find the Criminology in terms of course load?

    I'd rather go to a lecture too, but need to in order to work.

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    I've taken a couple courses with them and I'd have to say that I prefer going to lecture too! I took their research methodology psych class though and it was stupid easy if you know even the slightest bit about research designs (like longitudinal vs. cross-sectional, etc.). I think it was called Psych 304 but I may be wrong. Anyway, I would recommend it if you're looking for an easy course! The assignments were sort of tedious but more annoying than anything and the tests were very straightforward. I can also recommend avoiding their adolescent psych class and their primatology anthro class!
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    I have taken a half dozen courses with them. They don't tend to be easy (they expect university-level work!) and a lot of them are more involved than the online syllabus makes them appear! Stats was alright, but you said you weren't into math, but both the English composition courses are fairly light. The community health course has so much reading you'd think you were in grad school: don't take it. NUTR 331 is enjoyable (though in-depth) and the professional ethics one isn't too bad either.

    They're very well organized and the course is clearly outlined in the student manual.
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    Oh--the "listening to music" one looks easy. I haven't taken it though!
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    I took the globalization course through them (one of my school's gen. ed requirements) in the summer as I wanted an easier course load during the semester. I didn't find it too bad. The syllabus was well constructed and made it easy to plan how much time I needed to spend on each unit. There was quite a lot of reading involved but again, it was easy to figure out what was important and what was not so I only ended up doing half of the required reading and finished the course with an excellent grade. I must also note that social studies has always been my weakest area but I found this course to be quite easy.
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    Hi RNStudent2013

    I'm looking into taking the psych 304 course you recommended but I just wanted know if there is a lot of reading? I haven't taken too many psych courses and I know a little bit about research design but not a lot. I will be taking this course with another online course and with a Human physiology course. I need an easy GPA boosting course and was wondering, in your opinion, if you think it's an easy A course.
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    I don't want to say it's an automatic A, but the textbook for the course was really small and the reading was quite manageable. I think if you put in a decent amount of effort it'd be at least an easy B+/A- if that makes sense? I'm not saying it's not possible to get an A or A+, but I just don't want to be misleading and tell you it's an automatic A. I don't think it matters that you haven't taken many psych courses, though, it was more just basic research design, and it was a lot less work-intensive than any other psych course I've taken. I'd say if you're looking for a class to take with the other two courses that doesn't require too much time, this would be it.

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