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I'm looking into taking some general courses at Athabasca. Has anyone taken any with them through distance/online and how did you find it? I really looking to find some suggestions on some easy courses though :o Thanks... Read More

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    I don't want to say it's an automatic A, but the textbook for the course was really small and the reading was quite manageable. I think if you put in a decent amount of effort it'd be at least an easy B+/A- if that makes sense? I'm not saying it's not possible to get an A or A+, but I just don't want to be misleading and tell you it's an automatic A. I don't think it matters that you haven't taken many psych courses, though, it was more just basic research design, and it was a lot less work-intensive than any other psych course I've taken. I'd say if you're looking for a class to take with the other two courses that doesn't require too much time, this would be it.