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Accelerated nursing programs in Ontario

  1. 0 I'm interested in doing a 2 year degree in nursing after my undergrad at Mcmaster, Queens, U of T or Trent.

    Does anyone know the admission averages they generally let in? The websites say a B+ but I have a feeling it's higher than that.
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    I was accepted to all of those places, so I'll tell ya the key for each:

    - it really is 50% grades, 50% supp app. I have a friend who got in with a B- CGPA, and I got in with a B+ overall, with an A average in my final year, which they did take into consideration. They also look at the relevance to your pre-reqs to nursing. I.E. For biochemistry, one of my courses was clinical biochem, and I took a psychology class on disorders. Essentially, they look at your application holistically.

    I had an A- average in my last 2 years (which is what they take into consideration), and they also have a supp app. I do have a lot of EC's, which may have helped my case.

    Again, A- average in last 2 years. Essentially with Trent, as long as ya have over a B you're golden.

    U of T:
    Oh man. I have no idea how I got accepted there, cause I didn't finish my degree (only did 3 years then took a year off). They look at your most recent year, which was an A average for me, and they have quite the extensive supplementary app. You need at least 2 reference letters, plus 2 essay questions and you have to outline your EC's and/or any research work. I ended up submitting extra volunteer reference letters (you're allowed to do that), which may have given me an edge. But I do know that they prefer degree holders. Typically they accept in waves, with A/A- average degree-holders first, then the B+ ones.

    I hope this helps..feel free to PM me if you have further questions .
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    Thank you so much for your reply!

    I am really nervous applying this year. My overall average will be around an 83 and my most recent year (for U of T) will hopefully be around that too, depending on how well I do this semester.

    What type of volunteer experience do you have? U of T would be my top choice because I'm from Toronto.

    And what school did you end up going to?