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Hi all is there any one who applied to york university 2nd entry nursing for class of 2015?... Read More

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    I m actually at around the same average for my last 30 credits, so keep your hopes up and good luck !

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    I can't speak for Western but I heard York had great placements. I had a friend who started in labour and delivery, rehab, med-surg, CAMH for mental health, and consolidated at sick kids. My advice is to see what facilities the school uses for their clinical placements.
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    Really? Please share stories; it will increase my hope
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    Hey bintdee, if you don't mind sharing, what are your 2 averages looking like ?
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    Hey HopefulN, its about A- for both
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    That's not bad at all ! You should be able to get in . Good luck !
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    Has anyone heard back from any school yet? I know is quit early but I am just worried
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    I haven't heard back yet.. I think first batch or round of offer should be out by mid February...
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    I applied for Western only for Sept 2013! So excited to hear back from them..Anyone applied for Western?
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    I have applied to Western as well. Good luck !

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