2 out 500 graduate on time from RPN in Seneca, ture? - page 2

Yesterday, one of my friend told me that his wife went to Seneca to learn Practical nursing. There were 500 students registered in Practical Nursing, but only 2 of them graduated on time? Isn't... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    Back when I trained the average class was 30 with usually 20-25 graduating. Three classes a year.

    We had something like a 98% pass rate on CPNRE
  2. by   whoosa
    Well to put this into perspective, when I started at GBC, we had maybe 200+ students in semester 1, over 100 of those failed or so, and we got new students from another school come in for semester 2 (about 100 from CALC), in semester 3 there was only around 90 of us, and semester 4 around 60? But some of the people did their pregrad in the summer so add about 20 to that.. The fail rate is quite high. However GBC does have like a 98% passing rate on the CPRNE for its students.
  3. by   RPN_student
    I would not believe everything you are told....500 in the program and only 2 graduated I highly doubt the College of Nurses of Ontario would allow them to keep the program if the success rate was so poor.