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When to take CRPNE

  1. 0 Hey guys. So I'm currently finishing my first year of the RPN program from my local college.
    I've been searching up CPNRE and all that stuff on the internet.
    I found out that you can take the CPNRE during January / May / September.
    I'm going to graduate next year at the end of April - May.
    Now my question is, do newly graduates / about to graduate students of the RPN program usually register for the May exam or the September exam?

    I'm looking forward from hearing from you guys. Thanks in advance.
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    Traditionally, you write the first available date.

    The knowledge is still fresh. I graduated in October and had to wait until January.We had wanted to write in September because our final placement were finished the week before the September exam date but some authority wouldn't let us.

    My entire class wrote at the same time, I don't think we even thought about deferring the exam.

    Employers want you to have written as soon as possible. They also know that if you graduate at the end of May you won't have a chance to write until September and they expect you to be writing then.
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    Hi Fiona! Thank you for the information. I was just wondering, were you able to find a job as an RPN (during the months of Oct. to Dec) while you were waiting to write the exam on January?
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    I agree with Fiona.Write as soon as possible.I finished in August and wrote in September 10 days after my final clinical day.
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    .Also consider location.I wrote in Hamilton and it was a lot less crowded then writing in Toronto.
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    Yup, I worked as a grad nurse and had to bring in that PASS certificate pronto in order to get my back pay.
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    your questions cleared up a lot of confusion. Thank you so much guys!