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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

  1. by   bebeh

    i have not received yet my eligibility... i'm crossing my fingers, & thinking positively that cno will send my eligib. next week... & plans of taking the exam on october...
  2. by   bebeh
    hmmm... i'm not allowed to send pm... :uhoh21:
  3. by   kheemooy
    Quote from bebeh
    hmmm... i'm not allowed to send pm... :uhoh21:
    i sent you a private message. ^.^
  4. by   bebeh
    Quote from kheemooy
    i sent you a private message. ^.^
    yah thanks...
  5. by   prttytoby
    Quote from kheemooy
    skype with multiple videochat is not free i think. but i'm okay with it though.
    Skype video call conference is free. Try it. You can find more group members and save a lot of time on traveling.
  6. by   jvre888
    Guys are you ok for a video conference on sunday???
  7. by   basel73591
    I passed the june exam. the exam becomes difficult every time. anyway thsnks god i passed.
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  8. by   kheemooy
    Quote from basel73591
    I passed the june exam. the exam becomes difficult every time. anyway thsnks god i passed.
    wow congrats!!! is it your 1st time?
  9. by   missysg
    Yesterday, I received a mail from CNO saying that I am eligible to write the CRNE exam. They have also indicated that the effective Jan 2013, requirements for registration will be changing. This means that I have only one chance (Oct 3rd, 2012) to write the CRNE before the new requirements become effective. I have only two months and 10 days approx to study.

    1. Would it be enough for Exam preparation? Any suggestions?

    2. Also, what does CNO mean by 'new requirements'? Do they mean that they would review my certificates once again according to the new requirements? If so, it would take another year. I waited for almost 17 months to get eligibility to write CRNE.
  10. by   jvre888
    I think even if they change the requirements, you are still eligible... But I'm not sure with that.. You might as well call the CNO and inquire. And let us know. I'm taking the exam on october too and I'm an IEN from the philippines. In my case, I should register before march 2013 as my evidence of safe practice expires on that date. If I am not able to register on that date, I can still write my exam but I need to provide a new evidence of safe practice before I can register..
  11. by   innocent queen
    Hi Kheemooy,
    I live in Brampton and got two more girls who are interested in study group..we can meet in the Brampton library if u wish to join..pls. let me know.
    Also could you please help me to find out which one is the best school for prep course. I registered myself with Toronto school Of Health but heard not so good reviews about it..another one is Toronto school of nursing and Nurses Education Inc..any idea which one to join..pls. HELP
  12. by   innocent queen
    we are starting study group in Brampton libraryfrom 23rd or 24th July..interested ? feel free to join
  13. by   innocent queen
    where do u live harjit...I am in Brampton..we can study together in the library if intersted..