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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

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    Thanks Rant,
    Actually i am from BC so i checked mine at CRNBC,this is my last chance, i never took temporary licence , so it was inactive before and now also, hopefully we all pass with GOD'S grace.
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    You are in my thoughts and prayers, pavu. Yours will be the first response I look for when people are posting their results on here. Please let us know what the outcome is. I can't imagine how stressed you must be -- if this was your last chance to write the exam. :S I'd be very scared, wondering.

    I'm sending positive thoughts your way!
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    thanks a lot,Rant for your positive response.i am keep praying for all of us.GOD will listen to our prayers.
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    No news yet in Toronto.
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    hi friends,
    I called crnbc on friday they said results are not mailed yet, may be they will mail today.....waitng eagerly for the results.God send us good news letter.All fingers crossed.All the best.
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    In Winnipeg, my spouse just got her results of the October 3. 2012 exams in the mail and she has passed.
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    Quote from mbwpg
    In Winnipeg, my spouse just got her results of the October 3. 2012 exams in the mail and she has passed.
    WOW! congrats to your spouse! I'm expecting GTA be mailed on Fri or Mon! So far you're the first one who has the result.

    I'm keeping positive. hay. Hope I passed.
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    Hey everyone. Im new to the forum but ive been following since before writing. Im in toronto, still anxiously waiting. I studied hars for 3 months hopefully that was enough.Good luck everyone!!
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    This wait, frankly, sucks.
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    You said it!
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    Hi all,
    Today I phoned CNO, they said, that results are with them and it will be mailed later this week and everyone will probably receive result next week. Good luck to all.