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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from nmlola
    Hi! I wish everyone who took the October CPRNE the best of luck. For now, i just havve one question, How long did it take for you guys from the time you applied for CRNE until you received your eligibility to write the exam? I just applied today.
    Also depends on the province you apply to
  2. by   farpadana
    guys more than a week left to get our results, already excited.
  3. by   nmlola
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Also depends on the province you apply to
    I applied in Ontario. I hope it's not that long.. They already have all my requirements.

    Thanks silverdragon and fardapana.
  4. by   TIBGIRL
    Anxiously waiting for CRNE Result. Never felt like this before. Heart pounding everyday and counting every minutes for the result. I guess we still have 10 more days to get our result. I hope everyone pass this exam as we are all in the same boat. All the best guys.
  5. by   BlueBow
    This has been the longest month of my life ever! Trying to suppress these feelings of anxiety and the "what if" thoughts followed by feelings of dread. A week or 2 more to go and we'll finally know.... Happy thoughts everyone!

    Better said than done.
  6. by   Pudina
    Hi everyone,
    Any news about the crne oct 2012 result?
  7. by   farpadana
    any body got the result?
  8. by   pavu
    not yet ,hopefully next week.last time, students start recieving results on nov 3, 2011 and exam was 5th oct,2011.all the best .
  9. by   Lols ireland
    Hi has anyone gotten their results that sat in Toronto? is my 2nd time soo nervous :-( Live in Ireland and moving over either way in February. Fingers crossed for everyone!!! I didnt get my results until over a week after they were posted last time,because the post seems to be really slow so its a terribly long wait!!How did people find the exam overall?I thought it was 1/2 and 1/2 so I'm just praying I passed!!!
  10. by   farpadana
    I think applicant start getting their results from today. keep updated if any one do so.
  11. by   rant
    Nothing yet in Toronto. Probably won't arrive by mail until next week, unfortunately.

    One thing to do: I keep checking the CNO website. If you've registered in the temporary class, their website will be the first place that will be updated if you've failed. You'll no longer be entitled to practice.

    So far, my entitlement to practice has not changed.

    Good luck, everyone. My prayers are with you all during this highly anxious time.
  12. by   pavu
    hi rant,
    Could you please let us know if you want that what it says in your profile with CNO, active or inactive, or anything else. If you want to share.Thanks.all the best guys.
  13. by   rant
    Hi pavu,


    "Entitled to Practice With Restrictions" (and the restriction being: I can only work as a RN in the place of my employment, as per the regulations of a temporary licence holder).

    And this is the status of the licence (status is current, the date I activated the license, and the date it has become inactive [which is blank, meaning that I either haven't failed, or they haven't gotten the results processed yet]:

    RN Temporary Current 26-Sep-2012