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    I am a nurse in Singapore. I am being thinking of emigration to Vancouver. I have been there for holiday and love the place very much. After all the Eng. tests and psy. courses, RNABC has accepted my applciation to write the CRNE. I have been practising on NCLEX study guides since last year. I would like to know if these study guides are suitable for CRNE as well. And is there any study guide available other than the Canadian RN exam prep. guide?
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    Hi ValWai, I am originally from Canada and wrote exams in both US and Canada. The US exam was much easier (maybe because I took it 5 years later) and simpler. The Canadian boards were multiple, multiple choice. If you go to you can search for nursing books or try looking for Canadian book stores on a search engine. I am sure there are study guides specific to Canadian nursing. Good luck!
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    ValWai,you can order guides through Canadian nurses association, their website is
    Click on English, click on publications, scroll to "the Canadian RN Exam Prep Guide" (278 pages). There are a couple of additional publications you might also find helpful at this site. Good luck!
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    Thank you for your tips and your blessings, Disher and Tiredernurse. I passed my NCLEX in 1988. But when I study NCLEX exam guide again this year, I find them harder than CRNE. But I will do my best. Anyway, why tireder?
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    Thanks for asking ValWai. I was always a day shift person and changed jobs last year. Still trying to get off nites but our hospital pays a $6.00 shift diff for nites. Even after a year, I'm still not used to it.
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    Oh, I see. I was imagining a Dolly Parton girl with lots of pressure that makes her tireder. LOL.