CRNE June 2013, more pathology based? Need advice. CRNE June 2013, more pathology based? Need advice. | allnurses

CRNE June 2013, more pathology based? Need advice.

  1. 0 Hi, I was just wondering if there are any major changes in the format of the CRNE over the last year and a half? Last time i wrote back back in Oct 2011, and I plan to write again in June 2013. I was told that this June it would be more pathology based? is this correct? because I have taken the Mosby's, Lippincott's, readiness exam, and crne prep guide and they are not super pathology based. Any info would be useful.
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    I wrote in February and I personally found them very pathology, critical thinking, medical based. People who wrote before me said how it was all about community but there were very few community questions. Some of the questions on the exam even asked what the PHYSICIAN would do and what MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS, no nursing interventions or nursing diagnoses. I was not expecting it at all!
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    I take that back, some questions asked about nursing interventions but surprisingly I felt there were more asking about medical interventions than nursing. Some questions asked for particular drugs and stuff that would be used to treat particular illnesses and others asked, I believe, diagnosis based questions.
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    I wrote it in February too and I didn't find it to be that bad. I really didn't appreciate that there was no clock at my venue, but luckily I brought my watch. You really have to cover the bases when studying because the CRNE has historically been known to put on lots of psychosocial questions, so focusing too much on patho may not be enough. Also do the CNO learning modules on the CNO website, which I found to be very helpful and the CNA competencies
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    I agree with steven007, One of my friend had also wrote CRNE in February and she said that the questions where not that much difficult, but she mostly found psychosocial questions, nursing interventions questions and [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]community questions.
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    I found the questions very difficult! I narrowed every question down to the "best two answers" and then pretty much randomly picked one. ALOT of the questions were based on ER nursing like steven007 said. Most of the questions ended in "what would the nurse do?" If I had to study again I think I would review my acute care textbook.
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    Hi all for those who are studying for the June CRNE. My advice is to think about how you study best. How do you study that guarantees you good marks? Think of a course that you did well on and how did you prepare for that? Then that is the way to go. Dont overthink questions, don't go above and beyond and waste money taking those $1000 courses. TOTALLY NOT WORTH it. If you study best with friends, do that. If you're fine alone, do that. MAKE SURE you stay focus and set goals. i.e get this done by this date.

    Good luck
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    I wrote the exam in Feb and I would say that there are lots of patho questions. You really need to know your patho. For those who said lots of psychosocial, I would say more patho but again im better at psychosocial then patho. You get a bunch of case studies and then the rest independent. There's always patho in those case studies and patho in independent questions. I only focused on patho when i studied and I passed but again if youre the kind thats having trouble with psychosocial then focus on psychosocial.
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    did you pass in feb?
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    same my last time I wrote was in Feb 2012..and kind of driving myself nuts about what changes there are, last time writing will be in june
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    Goodluck everyone. We can do this.
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    There will always be changes unfortunately because of those who are rewriting. The CRNE is very tricky from what people have told me which is why I am studying everyday. I just got my eligibility to write and I am very nervous. One of my friends from my country failed 3 times and she cannot write anymore! This is scary but we must all study and will be successful I think