crne june 2012 - page 2

any one prepare for the crne june 2o12 in french ???... Read More

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    hi there, canadian mosby and crne prep guide are enough to prepare u. as soon as u feel confident with your nursing theories/knowledge, go practice in answering sample questions right away because it will help your timing and rationalizing the answers. dont stay more than 1 minute in answering the questions that u are in doubt, move on to the next one. are u from montreal?

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    hey mayouchka i will try to check my previous emails if i still have the past questionnaires that i used. hopefully i still have it. pm me your email and i will connect with you as soon as i am able. are u in montreal???
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    I wil take CRNE in OCT.Someone can give me good idea to review for it ?Thank you !

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    hi lau&usopp i send u my email by msg i appreciate your help thank u
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    Hi there, how to delete some of the blog here?
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    Excuse me? What is it you want deleted? This isn't a blog it's a social network so I'm confused.

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