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    Thank you SO MUCH petethecanuck! I will definitely try to follow your steps and make my own notes for each condition.
    I will read through your reply again thoroughly to make sure I follow the steps when I start preparing for the CRNE soon.
    I'm also done my final placement so I can start studying next week. I have the CNA prep and Lippincott. I don't have the Mosby one, not sure how helpful that one is because I've heard both - my friend used the comprehensive Mosby text and failed the CRNE. Someone else used it and passed but I have to agree that the med surg and Potter Perry ones are most important. I have the Lewis 2nd edition. Hope its just as good as Kozier.

    And thank you so much everyone for the support. I am so happy that everyone here is eager to help one another. Everyone here will make such great nurses!

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    Congrats to everyone that passed. Anyone from Peterborough who i s taking CRNE in October who wants to study ?
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    It looks like everyone who wished to post their results has done so. This thread is now closed.

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