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    Quote from ramahi
    my friends told me toronto school of health is good so i will try them. anybody has any comments on them
    You got bad advice. Read this thread:

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    i have a question. Are Mosby's Comprehensive Review for the CRNE, 1st edition and Mosby's Canadian Comprehensive Review of Nursing 2nd edition different? because I am so confused what to buy. Thanks.

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    Hi Everyone,
    i am writting my CRNE this june 2012. anyy tips and exam review?
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    very disappointed to find out that with the introduction of the new 2010 exam competencies/layout, first time success rate (for canadian educated grads) plummetted to just 87%. the lowest so far...
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    A sample size of 2 exams (June and Oct 2010) is hardly any reason to worry. We still have 2 weeks until the exam and if you have properly prepared it shouldn't matter what the pass rate was 2 years ago.
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    thanks pete. yes i have prepared very intensively however the decline is still worrisome and troubling.

    there were two questions in one of the prep guides i used and i am not agreeing with the rationale for one. i am wondering if i would be able to post them and get ideas from any of you? wondering if this would be okay...
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    Shouldn't be a problem to post review questions.
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    Mr. Del Ray is experiencing an acute exacerbation of right sided heart failure. Which of the following independent nursing actions should the nurse implement to limit spread of Mr. Del Ray's ankle edema?

    1. Restricting his fluids
    2. Applying elastic bandages
    3. Performing range-of-motion exercises
    4. Elevating his legs
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    My rationale: Patients with right sided HF are susceptible to systemic fluid overload. Restricting fluid intake will help mitigate edema in the lower extremities.

    - I could see how answer 4 may look like a possible option. Elevating the patients legs could promote fluid movement and help with edema (in a healthy person). The fact this patient has RIGHT sided HF eliminates #4 as a possible option because the right ventricle has a lower ejection fraction and fluid is "backing up" into the venous system (causing an increased JVP, edema etc). Raising his legs and promoting venous return could in fact exacerbate his condition.
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    yeah I agreeeee. weeeeeh it will be in June 6. I am studying hard right now. whew!

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