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    faith full u should use also the prep guide and if u got any information about classes let me know plz

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    I am also studying for the June 2012 exam, I will take it in London, Ontario. I'm studying Mosby CRNE review, and the new edition of Community Health Nursing in Canada, Canadian Fundamentals in Nursing - Potter and doing the CARE CRNE review course here in London. I also did the IEHP course through the ACCESS center - online course, which helped.

    Faithful did I meet you on line at the "Campbell Cohen forum", if so you can see I got my eligibility for CRNE last friday after 10 months.

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    Hi Olga, nice to meet you again, how is the studying going? Glad to hear you got your eligibility completed. What is the IEHP course? Please shed more light on that.
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    Yes thanks, i have that also. I do not know which class to register for yet but i've seen on this forum a lot of people have gone to toronto school of health and toronto school of nursing.There is also primed and nurses2canada.
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    HCPT and Toronto Nursing review, you can find them in facebook. TSON and TSOH not a good one.
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    Hi is there anybody would like to write crne in Ottawa this summer? I would like to find someone to study together in Ottawa area. Please contact me if you want to form a study group.
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    Quote from MattJoey
    HCPT and Toronto Nursing review, you can find them in facebook. TSON and TSOH not a good one.
    Which is Toronto Nursing review? I could not find it on line. Could you please send me the link
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    orientation to canadian health care systems, culture and context[color=#1122cc]


    above is the link to the iehp course i did.

    the review course at care - is also 10 weeks, twice a week for 4 hours is great. it is 475 dollars that includes membership at care and nao(student). it also allows you access to free "bridging programs" at local colleges. i don't need to do any bridging programs but i will sign up for some as they would be good refreshers. they also offer other courses, this month i am doing a "wound care" course.

    hope this helps
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    If anyone needs help preparing for the CRNE, is extremely helpful. That's what I used to prepare and it was more then helpful. They garentee you pass or your money back. Good luck to all.
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    hello everybody, i paid for the nurses 2 canada for online questions and answers, but when i get in, i found 35 exams each one has 200 questions and when i checked them i found all of the questions from NCLEX and may be 5 exams only are canadian. so i dont advice anybody to pay them. my friends told me toronto school of health is good so i will try them. anybody has any comments on them

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