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  1. by   prttytoby
    Abnurse1,I have the same feeling here. After working more than ten years in various departments and teaching in clinical. Some of the questions I could not figure out.I am not sure those new graduates.I agree that some of the questions are difficult for me because the culture, policy difference between here and my homeland..... I had only 30 minutes left in the end of the exam. I tried to change some answers, but then I put them back to the original answers as I was not sure it was right or not. Exactly like you said, gave me another six to eight weeks to study again, I won't guarantee I will make any difference to this exam. Just hope my exam results will be better than I thought. Best wishes to all those who are waiting for their results anxiously there.
  2. by   FionaA
    Quote from Sister of Eluria RN
    CARNA has not received the results as of this morning - just a quick update for Alberta writers.
    How did you find that out? I'm in Ontario so I wonder if CNO has received the results? I thought they were all mailed out already.. didn't know they had to go through the province's nursing regulatory body!
  3. by   carebear89
    I am not sure how it works but I am well aware that PEI has their results already and have had them mailed out. It's really sad that we all spend a lot of money to be in school and at the end of the day the University has nothing to do with the examination. Yes I am proud to say I survived the nursing program and graduated from an accredited University but at the same time my degree means nothing without this exam. I mean truly I went to school to be able to be a Registered Nurse and actually practice nursing, not hold a degree that is worthless. I must say though that I heard about many people not being able to finish the exam as their time had run out and had to leave questions blank. I also feel for those whom English is not their first language because I found that exam extremely tough. I believe that 4 hours is just not enough for 200 MCQ, there should be atleast another half hour to an hour added so that people have time to actually go through their exam and not have to feel rushed to get through the questions.
    Also I have had my share of crying about this exam and really they are making us wait far too long for results. I have had sleepless nights and the nights I do get to sleep I have night mares about failing the exam. I do not know whats in store for me but I am wishing and hoping that everyone passed because this program was not an easy one, nor was studying and writing this exam.

    Good luck to all.
  4. by   adikagain05
    i am from manitoba and the results are out... my friend got her results this morning. iam still waiting for the mailman though for my results. got my fingers crossed!
  5. by   petethecanuck
    Quote from FionaA
    How did you find that out? I'm in Ontario so I wonder if CNO has received the results? I thought they were all mailed out already.. didn't know they had to go through the province's nursing regulatory body!
    Yeah, I believe the results are mailed to your provincial college and then they in turn mail the results to you.

    @ Carebear I hear you. I did the accelerated track at the U of C and my training totally didn't prepare me for our board exam. In prepping for the exam I read through every thread/post on Allnurses about the CRNE and complied a list of posted tips, advice, resources etc. Had I not done that, I would've been SOL. Finished in 3 hrs 15 min including a 2nd read through and 2 bathroom breaks.

    Best of luck to everyone!
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  6. by   Sister of Eluria RN
    I phoned my provincial authority to ask if they had received them yet. I was of the impression that the results are sent to the provincial nursing authorities and then mailed out to those who wrote. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. by   adikagain05
    just got my results and passed it! thank goodness! goodluck to all who are still waiting for their results..
  8. by   Sister of Eluria RN
    Congratulations!! Would you please share which province you wrote in?

    CareBear89: Pass or fail, nothing can strip you of the virtue of this work, not even if you find yourself sidelined for a while. You will be a nurse, and this is just the first test of many. Take heart, it will work out, no matter what.
  9. by   FionaA
    Oh, so the results are indeed mailed out to the provincial college first.. which explains why I've been told Ontario is last. We have to the biggest population and takes the longest to mail out to lol. That's too bad, the wait is absolutely brutal. Congrats to everyone who got their results already and passed! For those asking for the passing mark.. only those that failed will know and get a breakdown of their marks! So I'm glad to see no one has failed yet!
  10. by   adikagain05
    thanks eluria! i am from and wrote at Winnipeg, Manitoba. Again goodluck to all who are still waiting for their results
  11. by   praise05
    Hi..glad to hear so many great results!do you know any results of NOVASCOTIA writers.. ? Also did any body hear the pass mark this time..
  12. by   NurseStorm
    I heard at least 5 people in my class failed. One said the pass mark is 550
  13. by   abnurse1
    Hi Katie, thanks for the update... do you know what 550 means? That is really depressing to hear that there has been that many failures
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