CRNE February 6th, 2013--> prep course buddies!

  1. Hello all, I am a nursing student who is going to write the CRNE for the second time this February. The first time I wrote was June, and I failed my exam : (

    I was very sad and depressed at this because I thought I was going to pass for sure. I have decided to take a preparation course to help my chances. Two of my friends took a course at the Toronto school of nursing and they passed. Soooooo, I have enrolled into their prep course. I am very stressed but wanted to know if anyone out there is going to take the exam in February and wants to form a study group. Especially anyone else taking this prep course cause then be will be on the same page.

    I am praying that this time goes better. I have been studying since June and have completed the Mosby's comprehensive exam book.

    Love to meet people and study hard!
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  3. by   PiRN
    :tinkbll: I feel sorry about what happened to you. But still its good thing to stand up after u fell down. I truly believe that in every greatest rejection there is greatest directions.

    I advice going to Topnotch Review Centre in Scarborough. The instructor is soooo good in teaching, updated in the current trends in nursing and she can able to help you understand fully the whole nursing. PM me and i'll send the contact details.
  4. by   shannonwhite
    Thank you so much for the positivity. I am planning on going to TSON because all of my friends went there and passed. I am doing lots of studying because I can't fail this time. Did you study the compendium at all? Better yet, do you have any good materials that you think I could study! I don't want to leave any stone unturned this time so to speak. Thank you so much and god bless you! With gods help I will pass!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   shannonwhite
    Will you be studying for the exam or have you already passed? If you will be writing the CRNE in February 2013 and would like to study together or start a study group please let me know! I am in Ajax, but can come to Toronto no problem!!!!
  6. by   gbatallion16
    hello still in riyadh,but i will be coming by next year feb 2013..hope i can get in touch with you...i will be praying that we both is my email by the
  7. by   PiRN
    Hello Shannonwhite

    I already passed the CRNE and working as an RN already. I did read and understood the whole Compendium of standards especially Medications, Documentations, Difference between an RN/RPN and some legals issues of nursing in ontario. I also had the 5th CNA prep guide, Mosby comprehensive review and Lippincots. I also did have use the Readiness Test that you need to purchase online via CNA website.

    I reviewed 1hr a day and make sure I always have the time to sleep. I stop going out since I love partying to clubs and bars. Just focus and focus or if you have any budget, I suggest going to 2 review schools such as HCPT, TSON or Topnotch Review, I red a lot of good feedback of these review schools.

    Always be positive. Stay away from people who are negative and always pulling you down. At this time, you have your own and should work on your own. No one else can help you but yourself. Always aim high and always think about your goal. When I was reviewing for the exam, I am not thinking of passing the exam, but I am thinking in being competent and knowledgeable when the time that I will be practicing as an RN on my own. But i believe we all have different kinds of motivation skills, so stay on what you feel you are comfortable with. And lastly, PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

    Goodluck Nurse shannonwhite... :tinkbll:
  8. by   littlezhuzhu
    I'm so upset because i failed crne this oct, so i wanna take the exam next feb. I live in whitby, can we make a group? Also, i wanna take prep course at TSON, could you tell me the details? thanks!
  9. by   agiboma
    ill also be taking it for the secound time, in febuary, my friend took a prep with a guy named Chris and they both passed so i hope i can get his contact details so i can also pass.
  10. by   JessicaG-O
    Hey all, I took a prep course at the TSON, really helped me to pass, and it was my third try, you will like it there. Good luck!!!
  11. by   Rangeela
    anyone from CALGARY interested in doing group study for fe 2013 crne exam.pls email me @
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  12. by   danss
    Any ien intersted in group study ???
  13. by   AminMMusse

    My name is amina I live in toronto and I am taking the exam in February 6th 2013 I am going to the toronto school of health prep course as well. I am in group 2 and it starts on Dec 13 th let me know if your in that group. If you are still looking I would love to make a study group with you! My email is The email is a dash NOT underscore. You didn't leave an email or anything on your post so I dont how to contact you. Email is the best way to reach me.

    I also want to let you know dont be sad and depressed because things happen for a reason and God always has a plan and whats better then God's plan? Nothing. I had many friends who passed the frist time and some who had to do it up three times!

    My plan if your interested is to finish the Mosby book before we get into the review class, or at least have it done. I see clearly you have so it will be a review for you! We can meet up at least once or twice week and assign readings to each other. Then go over the assigned readings together then answer questions. Although it is my first time taking the exam many of my friends who have passed had advised me to study the mosby book and do the lipcont review questions. Questions show you how much you understand your weakness and what you need to work on! So we can work together , because when your by yourself its easy to slack off and hold yourself accountable!

    Please let me know if your interest and email asap.
  14. by   manbil79
    Anybody in Brampton interested for a study group!!I took TSON in september and failed CRNE by one point. I am so upset.

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