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Hello all, I am a nursing student who is going to write the CRNE for the second time this February. The first time I wrote was June, and I failed my exam : ( I was very sad and depressed at this because I thought I was... Read More

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    @ Nurse Lovely :

    Send me your email address as a reply I will get in touch today.
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    Hi Shannon (and everyone else as well),

    I'm so really sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempt in June; I also failed in June (by 4%) and then again in October (by 1%!!). In retrospect I should have taking time off to reflect and fully comprehend where and why I was failing however I was just so eager to get out into the workforce like many of my friends. In addition, there is a lot of shame associated with failing and I was simply too embarrassed to tell anyone and I didn't get the help that I truly needed the first time that I was unsuccessful.

    I have been studying fairly steadily for over a year now and I feel more ready than ever for the exam in February 2013, although my ego is definitely bruised a little after two failed attempts! Now that I have sought the help I need and know my areas of weakness I feel confident that the third time will be the charm. It is all about a positive attitude and reminding yourself that you are competent and capable, like so many individuals have been saying on this forum. You CAN do it and you DO deserve it :-)

    I have literally bought and completed EVERY review guide with the pass two exams, so this time I wanted to do something different. This CRNE Prep Guide was created by someone who teaches the weekend prep course at the UofT School of Nursing and it has been an absolute God sent for me. At first I was overwhelmed and resistant to taking it on however now it completely makes sense. The guide organizes studying into the 4 competencies categories and the way it is organized makes studying so much easier. Everyone who I know who has used it to study for the exam has passed and said it helped them enormously. It was initially created for individuals like myself who had previously failed and were frustrated and unsure of where they were going wrong. It just gives so much guidance. It is only $40 so fairly affordable. Here's the link for anyone who is interested: Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) Study Guide

    I have signed up for the Toronto School of Nursing review course in January so hopefully I'll see some of you there. I would also really like to join/create a study group, if anyone is interested; even if it's just myself and 1-3 other individuals. I am working through the study guide right now and would love for someone to join me. We can meet meet a few times a week or once a week, based on how studying is going that week for us/ our schedules are. Even just meeting at the library with someone to keep you motivated and accountable is so helpful and amazing to have that support. Let me know if anyone is interested :-) I'm in Toronto/UofT area and have a car as well so can also drive to meet people to study. My email is

    Good luck everyone and keep positive!

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    Hi Ray T you may contact me at I look forward to hearing from you
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    Hi Jessica i sent you an email but havent heard back from you. It may be in your junk mail folder.
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    Hello Amin i left you an email but havent heard back from you. Perhaps it went into your junk folder.
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    Hi all,

    Im at Bayview and Sheppard and looking to join a study group. Also need recommendations to a prep course that has a good success rate of passing.
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    @agiboma you may reach me at and we can arrange to study together. Please email me as soon as you have time thanks.
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    Quote from RayT

    I will be writing for the second time as well in Feb 06, I am looking for dedicated study buddies study with. I have been looking into signing up for a prep course. I have looked at Toronto School of Health - the reviews are illegal/some have passed and failed as well. Toronto School of Nursing - I personally know people who have passed and failed from taking this course and the reviews from them was it wasn't as helpful.

    Did anyone take the Nurses education Inc prep course ? or HCPT ? any thoughts/ reviews on these courses?

    I live in Scarborough region near the Seneca Newham Campus. If you are around the area or would like to meet at a mutual location please contact me.

    Hello RayT you may contact me at
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    Hello Gurpreet you may contact me at i live in Markham
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    hi manbil79

    I used to study for test in brampton library chincousy branch. If you are interested you can come there.
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