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CNO Jurisprudence Exam - page 4

Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating... Read More

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    I still haven't received yet the result. Waiting for my email. Goodluck!
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    Anyone who wrote their exam received your results ?
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    3:11pm local time, still no jurisprudence results... *staring at e-mail inbox*
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    This is so frustrating . Like it's a digital exam! Why is this so difficult for them?
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    me neither... waiting... waiting....
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    No email here either. Almost 5pm Toronto time *sigh*
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    I called the CNO at 4:30 (currently 4:54 Ottawa/Ontario Time) and they said the results 'should' be released in a half an hour (5 PM), but they ARE going to be released today for sure. So... let's hope in 5 minutes! Yikes!
    I am getting really nervous now in anticipation. I know we have unlimited tries but like 150 questions is just so heavy and I also don't have 45$ to keep throwing at the college for their silly tests. Anyway,
    I hope everyone does well !
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    Thanks for calling, but still nothing! 5:30 pm local time.
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    so if not 5 then 11:59 pm lol
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    This is so badly organised !!! The whole test was a scheme to get more money and now they leave us on tender hooks... am so angry now !! 1823 local time and nothing, I assume they have all gone home so doubt we will get anymore news today !
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    still no email!!!

    we do love you CNO PEOPLE, for being so professional & for being so consistent with your words!!!
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    I have just spoken to yardstick who takes care of the logistics. Results are to come out 100% today, they just have a few more things to do before the emails come out. Their office is located out west therefore only 14:46 AB time.
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    I guess they didn't mention a time? I suppose logically it would be sent by 6pm AB time before they all go home for the day. Well good thinking calling yardstick, thank you for this information.