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Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating and just awful.... Read More

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    Hi @jvern. Thank you for the reply

    I have already spoke to one helpful customer rep. who has been dealing with my registration and customer coordinator regarding my situation. They are looking for my CPIC(which I think they misplaced since I had it sent by express post mail with a tracking number so I know it arrived there)and have told me not to write the jurisprudence exam in the meanwhile. CNO was close from Dec 24 to Jan 2 but quoted from their service as long it's stamped on the envelope what day it arrived(arrived on the 24)and before the Dec 31 deadline I wouldn't have to write the exam. So I hope it all works out, if not. Then I have to mail them another CPIC if they can't find mine and I would have to write the exam then. I'll see what happens I guess. I have been dealing with CNO since October regarding the registration. It's moving quite slowly. I'm from Vancouver, BC.

    This is what the customer coordinator emailed me "We at the CNO are currently working through mail that was received the week that our offices were closed, from December 24th to January 2nd. While you have confirmation that your document was received here at the CNO, we require time to identify and assess this document to ensure that it meets our requirements. In the meantime, do not write the Jurisprudence examination)."

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    I think it's very poorly arranged to need to wait for others to write to compare the exams. They should have had this organized and ready when set in place. There should be a pass grade and graded accordingly so you get your results right away.
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    CNO's system is really shocking... everybody's left hanging... no sense of direction...they should have practiced professionalism & most of all EMPATHY ....
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    Fellow colleagues I just paid my application fees, and i recieved a separate acount from the CNO where I can write the jurisprudence Exams. How difficult is it?. Has any one writen the Exams and recieves his or her results yet?. I am RN and trained outside of Canada and currently living and working in Germany as RN.
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    Uggghhh this is so frustrating! I wrote my jurisprudence exam last Tuesday and still haven't received any results. Also spoke with a customer service rep who spoke to me like I was insane for even calling to inquire!

    I write my CRNE on February 6, so I know I have time, but it would be nice to know how I did - especially considering the difficulty of the exam itself.
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    I agree.

    But it's the same way they do the actual registration exam. I feel, however, this is a really poor way to allow people to practice. There should be a set standard, you must know at least 70% or 60% of the material before you can practice and not, you know about as much as the average person taking the exam this year. Like what happens if the average for the people taking it that year is like 40%, do you really want nurses who know only 40% of the material practicing?
    I think reform is in order, but in terms of the jurisprudence exam I just find it annoying at this point. However, I am sure once the work the kinks out and have had a few test runs it will run a but more smoothly.
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    Hi rejrayo_nurse,I'm in a similar situation to you, only without the lost form. All of my forms were in by Dec 19th 2012. When I called and asked to speak to a manager about it, I was rudely told no. Can I ask how you were able to get in touch with a customer co-ordinator? I am wondering how I may do the same, find out if I need to write the ridiculous test, and plead my case.Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you.
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    Hi ONnurse85, I received an email this week by CNO that I am fully registered(Thank god they found my missing form). Check your email daily if you listed your email on the registration forms. I have a feeling they will tell you by email first then mail you the registered forms.

    Even when I emailed the customer coordinator. He basically shrugged me off and told me to "wait" for their response as usual. I tried to message you privately but wasn't able to if you want more info. Or let me know your email.
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    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it I've now realized that you had already filled out the actual registration form and paid your application fees, while I am still waiting for the "ok" of their assessment so I can apply. They have my CPIC form but haven't let me officially apply yet.It looks like I will be writing the test and awaiting results like everyone else. Hopefully my new employer is willing to wait. Has anyone who has written received thier results yet? It looks like I couldn't have possibly applied at a worse time. Christmas holiday, renewal time, test that they didn't bother to properly prepare... are we expected to wait indefinitely for these results? It's more than a little ridiculous!
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    For everyone who wrote the exam:I just spoke to a staff from yardstick who said that they have to wait for EVERYONE to write the exam before they even begin to review the results! She said she had no idea how long that may take.Who knows how long we may be waiting?

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