1. How hard is the CLPNE in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest? :-)
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Quote from ian_onymous
    How hard is the CLPNE in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest? :-)
    Do you mean CPNE?

    It's basest on the entry level for nurses. Covers everything in the course work. If you found the course hard you'll find the exam hard.

    Then factor in the "OMG, I know I failed it" post exam factor.
  4. by   ian_onymous
    Oh I see. What books can you recommend for preparation? I am an IEN RN but I opt to register as an LPN first because it takes a while for registration as an RN here in MB.
  5. by   hunter_xhunter
    Hi Ian, I just want to ask if you pursue your application in CLPNM? I already opened my file in CRNM, however, they said its would take 6months to 1 year before the CRNM will provide a date for CCA. So now I am also planning to open a file in CLPNM.Could you give me some advice? Thanks
  6. by   ian_onymous
    Hi Hunter,

    I had my file in CRNM opened a few months before I decided to open one with CLPNM. This was due to the reason that I cannot make it to the bridging program till next fall (Aug 2014) as the waiting list is long. I'm kinda impatient and frustrated with my nursing career so I want to be in the medical field (I work as a clerk in a warehouse). So if you feel for me, open one too! Better practice as an LPN than a HCA right? What's your story?

  7. by   hunter_xhunter
    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your response. I came here last October from Philippines, I just passed my Celban last May and opened a file immediately to CRNM. However, I found out that there is a long waiting list in the bridging program for IEN, though I heard some of those who took the CCA passed the assessment and no need for them to undergo their bridging program.There was this Pinoy who just came in last MAy 2012 and now he is already a LPN and RN.I don't know how he did it hahahaha. Currently I am studying in prep for my CCA but I don't have a schedule yet. I am just reading my kozier and the comprehensive book for crne also watching some osce videos on you tube. Will that work for my CCA? Or I have to purchase Canadian nursing books?

    I have also opened a file in CLPNM and hopefully no more CCA as long as my credentials will meet their requirements. I am working as a support worker at the moment.I don't want to take the HCA course its expensive and the salary is almost the same with support worker.
  8. by   ian_onymous
    Hi Hunter,

    I would suggest to just go over your books from college or go to University of Manitoba if you have none. I didn't buy anything as I still got some of my books. Also, read the health ethics and some current canadian health trends. Review basic nursing skills and pharmacology. Luckily the focus of my bridging program is just for professional adjustment here in Manitoba not per nursing subject i.e. Mental Health, MedSurg etc.

    As to my LPN application, my credentials are complete as of yesterday July 10th and I should here from them in 2 months time.
    Good luck to our journey here in Manitoba! Looking forward to meet and work with you.

  9. by   hunter_xhunter
    Hi Ian congrats and your done with your CCA! I bought Mosbys compre for CRNE and the CRNE prep guide in preparation for my CCA. I had printed already the Code of ethics on their website..Haisz lots of materials to read.I am thinking if I will buy the Canadian Funda of Nursing by potter and perry or kozier will do. I am really anxious about the CCA, but I think I will be scheduled for next year since my credentials are not yet complete.

    When are you taking you subject for professional adjustment? Good for you that don't have to undergo the 6 months b.program.
  10. by   hunter_xhunter
    Thank you Ian for giving some advice on what to study and read. Goodluck on your bridging program and maybe next year you're already a RN!
  11. by   ian_onymous
    You can do it! Just think positive and answer what is being asked. I do not know how long my bridging program will take because I don't have the courses yet. The earliest for the bridging program in RRC is Aug 2014 but I still hope they'll have more room for Jan 2014.

    How's your application with LPN?

  12. by   hunter_xhunter
    With regards to my app for CLPNM my credentials are not yet complete. How long did you wait before the CLPNM told you that your credentials are ready for assessment? My friend submitted her application last January and up to now she haven't received any confirmation regarding her application.

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  13. by   jam_bv15
    CLPNM registration for IEN is a painstakingly slow process, and it helps to make a follow up regarding the status of your application from time to time. Goodluck guys!
  14. by   ian_onymous
    It has been 2 weeks already after they received all the documents and I should hear from them in 6 to 8 weeks (hopefully).

    How is your application with LPN jam?