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I just received a bad news. My nursing career is over. Yes, I am no longer one of you, but I feel a need to share my story. I have failed the CRNE for the third time and honestly, I don't know what... Read More

  1. by   Sashat3
    Not a consolation prize but if they took a 4 year nursing program then they SHOULD have the knowledge to take the 2 year PN exam. Just IMO

  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from Sashat3
    Not a consolation prize but if they took a 4 year nursing program then they SHOULD have the knowledge to take the 2 year PN exam. Just IMO

    ... but not necessarily enough to pass the RN exam?
  3. by   Sashat3
    Absolutly!! I totally agree with you! I haven't even completed my BScN bridging and know that after taking this course PART-TIME for almost 5 years next year, I will need a refrescher course to top up my knowledge before I take the exam! Its motivation. I deeply feel for those who have failed 3 times, honestly, would never wish that on anyone, but there comes a time when you have to ask yourself "what did I do wrong the FIRST time, and what can I do to make sure that I increase my chances and be prepared for the next time?"

    A colleague of mine failed the first time, because he told me in honesty "I didn't study as much as I should have". He's now an ICU nurse and quite smart! He took the refrescher course after he failed the first time, which costed him like $800, but in the end that's NOTHING compared to some of the stories I heard on here!

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  4. by   kikitsang
    Hi Survivor007,
    I also failed my CRNE exam on my third attempt. I am planning to appeal for the fourth time. It would be a great help if you could give me info how to go about.

  5. by   sweetafia
    Hi Yahy,
    I am also new at this site and i happen to see your blog about how you failed the CRNE 3 times. I too happen to be struck with the same faith. Its rather sad but it has happened and i don't know what to do. I attended Prep classes to help me with the exam but it didnt. I was wondering if you can help direct me as to what i need to do in this situation.
    Thank you so much and GOD bless
  6. by   sweetafia
    It seems this message was posted about 2years ago... but I too failed the CRNE a 3rd time and i was wondering if u can help me as to what to do to get the 4th opportunity. I am new at this site so i really dunno how it works
  7. by   rcpage88
    You ONLY get 3 chances. There is NO fourth chances; if you received another chance, then technically it would only be fair if all the other students got another chance, but then what is the point of rules/requirements.. Unfortunately, the only way to become an RN at this point is to redo the program all over again, or you could enroll in the program for practical nursing.
    Sorry ....
  8. by   fyongo
    I need help my OSCE in august
  9. by   hammy123
    Hi there could i have some information regarding the route to take to making an appeal for fourth write in british columbia i did my exams in ontario and failed three times, my option now is trying to appeal in bc. my email adddress is thanks so much
  10. by   miisz
    A friend of mine went through the same situation as you and all i could do to her was be there for her in times of sorrows but know that you STILL can be a nurse just like my friend. She took the CPRNE exam and passed. She is now a nurse and we both work together. All you need is a good friend to help you go through your situation and push yourself to achieve that dream. And as some of the ppl said, assess yourself first of you have any of those anxieties when you take tests. Good luck and PUSH! = Pray Until Something Happens!
  11. by   hammy123
    survivor007, how do i go about asking a fourth attempt in british columbia? i wrote my exams in ontario and failed three times
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    You have to contact CRNBC and ask them what their process is. They'll have a number of criteria for granting a review of your situation that most members here will have no information about - and every case is different. They're going to want some VERY solid reasons why you should be permitted a fourth attempt at the exam. The usual I-didn't-study-hard-enough, I-wasn't-feeling-well-the-day-of-the-exam, I-had-personal-problems-I-was-dealing-with kinds of reasons aren't going to be good enough. So get on the phone, call the registrar's office at CRNBC and ask them what you have to do. Asking about it here isn't going to get you anywhere.
  13. by   hammy123
    Janfrn, thanks for your reply i will call and get some information from crnbc