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I just received a bad news. My nursing career is over. Yes, I am no longer one of you, but I feel a need to share my story. I have failed the CRNE for the third time and honestly, I don't know what is there left for me. I know... Read More

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    Hi mkmitche, I failed the RN exam 2 times and I had to complete the refresher course which i think i jsut failed the first course. I was wondering how you were able to take the lpn exam? if anyone else could give me an answer that would be great. Thanks.

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    how do you fail 3 times?
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    its a thread about helping not criticizing, go elsewhere for that.
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    What is the name of the school? And is it in Alberta?
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    I've been lurking this post and really appalled at how judgemental some people could be!!!Hope you all never fine yourselves in suck a situation !!
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    Your questions is rather judgemental and insensitive, there are many reasons why people could fail 3x .
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    The poster asked a legitimate question. Failing three times may be an indication of some serious deficiencies.
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    If this were a psychosocial type question on the CRNE, "how do you fail 3 times" may be a correct answer, but not the BEST answer. And the rationale? LabellaRN explains it well.

    When I was doing CRNE practice questions, such answers are direct and straight forward and may appear to be the correct answer. However, they are wrong because they are judgmental and insensitive (as said by LabellaRN).

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