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I just received a bad news. My nursing career is over. Yes, I am no longer one of you, but I feel a need to share my story. I have failed the CRNE for the third time and honestly, I don't know what is there left for me. I know... Read More

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    Hi mkmitche, I failed the RN exam 2 times and I had to complete the refresher course which i think i jsut failed the first course. I was wondering how you were able to take the lpn exam? if anyone else could give me an answer that would be great. Thanks.
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    how do you fail 3 times?
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    its a thread about helping not criticizing, go elsewhere for that.
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    What is the name of the school? And is it in Alberta?
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    I've been lurking this post and really appalled at how judgemental some people could be!!!Hope you all never fine yourselves in suck a situation !!
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    Your questions is rather judgemental and insensitive, there are many reasons why people could fail 3x .
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    The poster asked a legitimate question. Failing three times may be an indication of some serious deficiencies.
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