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2008J June CRNE

  1. 0 Today I took the RN exam. I feel it's hard. I am so frustrated.
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    hi liton
    I took the feb 2008 exam and had the same feeling, try to relax and wait for the result because it is really hard to predict the result. wish you luck
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    Is it true that the CRNE format now just includes multiple choice questions and no more short answer questions?

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    Thanks for your encouraging. God bless me!
    I wonder why people years ago says the exam is so easy. Have they changed the form and depth rescently?
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    Yes. Just choices no short answer.
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    Okay thanks. God bless you
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    While it's true that there are no short answer questions on the June CRNE this is only a temporary situation. The short answer questions will be back for the February 2010 sitting.
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    Hi Liton, I took it on June 4 also, and was totally exhausted when it was done. Though I prepared as much as was humanly possible for me (for the last 5 months), I still have NO idea if I passed...<sigh>.

    I am simply happy it's over and that if I do have to retest, I have a break now while I wait for the results

    Does anyone know how long it takes? I am hoping it will be a shorter wait than in the past because there were no short answers that require human marking...
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    The short answers were a relatively new addition to the exam, so although there weren't any on your exam I still wouldn't expect to see results for at least six weeks. Maybe more. This is the time of year when the majority of people write, because they can't write until after they've completed their senior practicum, which takes until some time in May most places...
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    I tool CRNE exam june 4 2008.It was tough.After my exam was over i felt bad and worried.I prepared for about 5 month for this exam.I am not sure whether i will pass or not.I have to wait and see.How about others?
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    Hi ,sandbetweenmytoes and kaviram. Thanks for your sharing. You make me don't feel lonely. Are you garaduate here? I am IEN.
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    I graduated in Detroit (USA) at Wayne State Univ. I live in Canada and want to work here.
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    Hai Liton,
    I graduated in India.I am residing in BC.