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Today I took the RN exam. I feel it's hard. I am so frustrated. :cry:... Read More

  1. by   cocoa9065
    Congratulations to all those who passed the exam, the wait was definately brutal, and for those that weren't successful you need to remember that this exam wasn't easy for anyone; like most of us, i always said that for every question i was able to narrow the answers down to 2, and thereafter just had to guess, and if the rest of us used this approach throughout the exam it just shows that some of us were just better guessers than others. Review your scores and if you were just a few points off from passing don't change ur studying techniques, just maybe spend more time reviewing more difficult questions because that CRNE prep guide was not sufficient at all...Mosby's may be a better option. And for the passing score of 151, you have to remember that it is not out of 300 its out of 260 because there were 40 experimental questions that do not count towards our scores so the actual pass rate was around 60%. Which should make the public feel a bit safe...Good luck to everyone in all your future endeavors, i wish the best for all of you!!
  2. by   doublea08
    Just got my result today but it's worth waiting. I passeddddddddddd.
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from doublea70
    Just got my result today but it's worth waiting. I passeddddddddddd.
  4. by   caraibrit
    Hi Cama,
    do tell! What was your strategy and which online courses are you referring to?
  5. by   cama
    You can do it online or if you are living in Toronto or closed to the area you can go to class ( for 2 weeks /1 month)

    ( this one is just online and is not so expensive),
    I took both of these courses .

    One advice, try to do not judge.......and do not add information to the questions....
    If you need something else let me know.........I know how strugle is the exam........
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I think that since it has been 6 months since this exam was written maybe we should put this thread to bed.

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