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What forms do you use at camp??

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    This will be my first year working as a camp nurse in a brand new church camp. I'm really excited, but feel a little lost. Since this is a brand new camp they don't have any health center forms. What kind of forms do you all use? I know I'll need a MAR, what is yours like? Also, what other charting or incident forms do you have, a supply list, camper registration form, insurance, parental consent, etc.? If anyone is able to put up a PDF file of any of these that I can copy that would be wonderful, any help is appreciated!!
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    BSA has a First Aid Log that my camp uses to record minor encounters with Health Lodge staff. They print booklet-sized ones, though there's a four-page version on their website you can print out/adapt: Forms

    Also on that prior link is a Routine Medication Administration form that could be useful, if you have to personally hand out medications to campers.
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    thanks so much for the help!!
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    Have a demographic form with all the usually stuff. Be sure to have a copy of Insurance cards for each camper, for prescriptions, and outside medical care if needed. Have a form with all the PRN medications you will stock and have the parents select what their child may NOT have. Keep an inter disciplinary note for serious encounters and a health log for first aid contacts. If you have a physician you camp will be working with ask that they write all orders on the IDP notes. Your camps insurance policy will specify what incident accident forms they want to use.
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    thank you so much, that helps a lot!!
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    Your camp should also a form made by a lawyer, authorizing them, and in extension you to act in parentis loco. That way, in an emergency, you can authorize medical treatment without the parents permission.
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    Check out the American Camping Association Forms section

    Their nursing book section rocks: Nursing/Healthcare