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I don't think my camp does the nickname thing, but I've been trying to think of what good medical-type name I would choose, if they do! I was thinking "Axilla", sounds cool like an adventure-type character, or maybe "Godzilla",... Read More

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    I was hoping for "Magnificent Fighting Stud." The nickname the staff gave me was "Papa Joe." We don't get to choose them, lol.
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    Quote from Nurse.KenZ.
    . I was known to her as "Kenren" from there on all last summer.
    Cutest story ever!
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    My camp name was "Sister Blister"
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    Better than Nurse Worse Nutmeege!
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    A good camp name is hard to pick, sometimes someone else will think of it, like last summer we had a camper's mom, also an RN, who wanted to help and learn about camp nursing. Since her name was Sue, I thought of T-Rex. The Field Museum in Chicago has a wonderful nearly complete t-rex named Sue. Sometimes it takes a long time. My own camp name took forever, but is perfect. Otter. I am very playful for a grownup and can be found in water whenever possible. I am personally not a fan of being called "the nurse", as I have a name, and it feels like you can't be bothered to learn it.
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    I provided nursing services for a band camp for several summers.
    One of my "off duty" pastimes was playing poker with the students.

    Many of the students, subsequently, called me "The Dealer" which seemed to fit since 90% of my responsibilities were medication related.
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