Camp nurse good experience for school nursing?

  1. I have 2 1/2 years experience in L&D and am looking for a change.
    I've always thought I wanted to be a school nurse someday.
    For the past year I've been looking for jobs in my area in school nursing or a Pedi office (which I thought would be good experience for school nursing) but no luck.
    Then I thought of camp nursing.
    Do you think this would be good experience for school nursing?
    I found some day camps in my area so I think I'll apply.
    Also, if it's a large day camp that staffs several nurses and nursing assistants, do you think part-time would be possible?
    That way I could still work per-diem at my current job.
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  3. by   tining
    I have been a camp nurse for four years and it is definitely a great way to prepare for school nursing. Don't know about day camps, I stay at the camp in a great room, free food, laundry, and my son attends FREE! Keeps me on my toes for the school year as there are a couple of other school nurses and we compare note. Good luck.
  4. by   bsyrn
    Yes, camp nursing will be great experience if your goal is to someday be a school nurse. As far as part time goes, check around, most places are willing to work around nurses work schedules. Good luck
  5. by   Alex Egan
    One of the school nurses I worked with last season described camp as "school nursing on speed". She had been a school nurse for 15 years so I trust her.
  6. by   fthibodeaux
    I've worked at a camp. The main difference between camp nursing and school nursing is that you may deal with more psych/emotional issues because the kids have more time to socialize and be badly influenced by their peers (anorexia, bullying, etc.) and they become really comfortable with you plus you'll obviously deal with more emergent situations than you would see in a typical school day (e.g. - broken bone from falling off a horse, centipeed/bee stings. And lots of homesickness. As you know, a lot of what you'll do though is pass meds and take care of the few who get foodsickness or mild injuries.