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Hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

  1. by   nglaurenRN
    After a month of waiting for my damn phone to ring, hoping that it's from White Memorial... They finally did and offered me the job! I'm on cloud 9 right now! lol
  2. by   CareBear27
    NglaurenRN, congratulations!!!
  3. by   MiyaLuv
    Congrats NglaurenRN!!! I am still waiting for an answer after my 2nd interview....
  4. by   nglaurenRN
    thank you carebear!!
  5. by   nglaurenRN
    Thank you miyaluv! I hope you hear the good news soon! It was such a relief not to have an anxiety attack everytime my phone rings. hahahaha
  6. by   sandragarcia90806
    Congrats to everyone~
  7. by   oh.hello
    I noticed on the White Memorial jobs page earlier last week that there were three postings for the Versant program. Does anyone know if that is a mistake by HR, or is White Memorial still trying to recruit more nurses for their versant program?
  8. by   caseywestt
    I saw that as well. I'm not sure but you could always try contacting HR to find out for sure. Wasn't one of the positions for ICU? I did hear that the new grad ICU positions were full, but in not positive! Couldn't hurt to apply (: good luck!
  9. by   oh.hello
    Thank you for the response. I did apply and call HR to be sure, but the contact person has not returned my message yet. Oh well.
  10. by   caseywestt
    I think they are out of the office for a few more days for the holidays! If that helps (:
  11. by   MiyaLuv
    It's been 1 month since my 2nd interview... I am starting to freak out!!!!!!! sigh....
  12. by   nglaurenRN
    Just stay positive! be patient & they will call when you least expect it!
    It took a month before they called me back too
    good luck!!

    Quote from MiyaLuv
    It's been 1 month since my 2nd interview... I am starting to freak out!!!!!!! sigh....
  13. by   MiyaLuv
    Thanks nglaurenRN