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    They dont have rotc... known fact... but u can go here as a reservist... but don't just join for the money... you'll hate life...

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    LOL I know they don't have ROTC, I was meaning to say to the poster that ROTC isn't just money, it has to be affiliated with a specific university.

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    LOL I know they don't have ROTC, I was meaning to say to the poster that ROTC isn't just money, it has to be affiliated with a specific university.

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    From what I understand from my friend that's in the AFROTC, he says that you don't have to be attending the college/university that the ROTC is based in. He says he has friends all the way from UCI coming to the AFROTC based in Loyala Maramount University. Besides getting into the ROTC program, my other worry is if they'll cover WCU. And I'm not doing it for the money. I believe in and have utmost respect for our service men and women. I want to be apart of something bigger than myself. I know that I'm going to end up in the military one way or the other; I'm just finding the route that will also benefit me as well because at the end of the day, I still have bills to pay, lol :/.
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    Like I said, my experience is 10 yrs old! Doesn't hut to ask a recruiter!!!

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    @ggodbyesocialife-Just go to the school that you feel comfortable going to and your family.
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    Yea if you do rotc the school has to have a partnership... like you go to college a but college b has an agreement with a for the rotc... ours doesn't... at least not as far as the school or my recruiter told me... but yea... from what ive heard read and seen... army pays more... they have a tuition program... the navy(mmeeeee (hopefully)) has a like... student program... giving a MAX of 34k... its 5000 then another 5000 then 1000 for a max of 24 months (only while in school) they have some awesome requirements. .. um... what else can I add... oh well yea.. so it helps but its not a full ride..

    Buuuuttt that said... good luck with what ever school and branch and route you choose!!! Woooo!!!!!

    Hope that helps. ..

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    @Mrs.FlowersTheNurse would you mind sending me a pm about the program at WCU? Seriously considering attending can't seem to find anyone who goes to WCU-OC who will talk about it, haha.
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    Quote from goodbyesociallife
    My friends and family are telling me to be more open minded and to apply to other public universities, and I will. I've been at Fullerton college and got serious about my life a little late. Obviously, not as late as others but I feel that I've wasted considerable time messing around. My grades aren't exactly at the competitive level and so I believe I won't be able to get into any nursing programs at csu or uc. But I'll still apply anyways. I was considering wcu as my back up school and a couple of things worry me. Do graduates from this school have trouble finding jobs? How well known is this school in the medical community? Like, will most hospitals recognize this school and say that the BSN they have isn't an easy hand out? My friends and family are very skeptical of private schools and so I just want things to be cleared up and for me to be reassured that this school is what it says it is.

    Btw, one last question, for those of you that finished pre-reqs at a community college and now attend wcu, how much did those pre-reqs knock out of your tuition? Along with considering this school as my back up, I'm also considering ROTC and the Reserves to help pay for this expensive price tagged school.

    Thanks in advance, guys! Sorry for bombarding you guys with questions.
    I'm in the exact same boat as you are. Heck, I'm currently attending Fullerton College to satisfy their lifespan, and chemistry pre req. I've been looking into this school for a quite some time and even went through the registration and currently working with the financial aid office for loans. I have all the same concerns as you and like you, I'm not young anymore to be wasting any more time. By what others have said concerning jobs after graduation, I don't think they have a more difficult time compared to other students (it's probably difficult for everyone at this time). That being said, I don't think the school has earned respect from the medical community (yet!) largely because 1) it's a fairly new program 2) it's a for profit school and the tuition cost makes it a target of concern 3) it's probably more difficult to get into an ADN program than their BSN program. But I don't believe that their program is an easy hand out because they are accredited by WASC and CCNE, and you eventually have to pass the NCLEX like all nurses do. Plus it's a fairly accelerated program. You have all the reason to be concerned or even skeptical towards WCU because it is NOT for everyone but they sure do have their strengths as well.

    Pre-reqs are a pain in the ass. Not every course will transfer over. I've obtained a B.S. degree from UCSD and was surprised that some courses didn't transfer over because my school went by the quarter system (4 quarter units= 2.6xxx semester units), so a couple of my courses were short by 0.3xxx units to transfer over. It's funny because they go by a 10 week system (same as a quarter system) as well but I guess their classes are much longer. Oh, don't expect your CHEM 101 or 111 courses to transfer over. You should take CHEM 201 (organic/biochem) to satisfy the chemistry prereq (Same as CSU's prereq). And make sure your pre-req courses didn't expire (within 5 years). Also, their Cultural Pluralism course is considered upper division sociology course which is really lame because I initially thought my SOC 100 would transfer over. But at the end of the day, the only pre-req courses I have left are Cultural Pluralism, Pathology (must be taken at WCU), and Critical Thinking. This brought me down to about $86,000 which is still a difficult number to swallow.
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