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  1. Hi! Has know the interview process at Washington Hospital in Fremont? I had my 1st interview and will now have the 2nd interview. The lady who called my said i should anticipate being there for 3 hours so im stressing out thinking about all the things they'll put me through! Anyway, if you can, can anyone tell me what to expect for the 2nd interview. Thanks much!!!

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  3. by   ebyang1
    Hi! How did you happen to know that there's newgrad program in Washington hospital? I'm interested too. Plz give me info where to inquire ( contact person & contact phone number) about the said program. I heard they really pay good salary. I'm also interested about your job interview. Just keep me posted. Thanks!
  4. by   PrincessDiRN
    Hi, RNLola035, how did you apply at Washington Hospital in Fremont? What is their preferred way of applying? Are you still working there? How do you like it?
  5. by   rcrn027
    I'm interested as well. Can you share any info about applying in this hospital. Thanks in advance.
  6. by   PrincessDiRN
    I called HR earlier, and said that the job posting will be taken off their website at 5pm today.
  7. by   lperkrn
    They received approx 425 applications and will be reviewing over the next weeks. The program begins in April. Does anyone know how many positions they have? I forgot to ask when I phoned HR.
  8. by   ceskay
    WHHS new grad in April only has 8 positions open and all in med-surg.
  9. by   PrincessDiRN
    wow. 425 huh. that means applicants have about 2% chance of being hired! better than 0%. =)

    thanks for the update! did you guys apply?
  10. by   Colo9740
    I also was told 8 medical surgical openings....GOOD LUCK everyone
  11. by   rcrn027
    i was able to apply in their program before it closed. i haven't receive any replies yet. let's update and help each other you guys. Godbless everyone!
  12. by   PrincessDiRN
    does your status say "forwarded to manager"???
  13. by   rcrn027
    Quote from PrincessDiRN
    does your status say "forwarded to manager"???
    yes it does! *crossfingers* i hope i get in. did you apply on washington hospital too? im planning to call HR on monday.
  14. by   nurseg09
    I also have the same status, "forwarded to manager" good luck to everyone!!!!