VA San Francisco New Grad Program 2012

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    Hey guys! Figured I'd start a new thread for the VA San Francisco new grad program that's coming up. Hopefully we can all share insight and information about the process as it goes along. Anyone else apply?

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    Can someone post a link to information on this new grad program ? I know the application process for the VA can be very complex
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    what is VA?
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    Quote from sacnurse
    what is VA?
    VA stands for Veteran Affairs. It's a new grad program at the VA hospital in San Francisco.
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    The application has ended, so they have taken down the job posting.
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    To the OP,

    Do you know when they're going to start calling for interviews? I can't get ahold of the recruiter whatsoever. Thanks!
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    Based on VA Palo Alto's past two new grad programs this year... two weeks from the end of the job posting seems to be standard. We got another week and a half before we may hear something -_-
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    I'm in the waiting game too, good luck everyone!
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    It took the recruiter about 6 days to return a call I made during the application process. They said they would contact candidates three weeks after the posting closed.

    I have a question, the posting stressed that this was an online process only. Do you believe it would be unwise to go to the HR department at the VA and introduce myself? Historically doing so has been helpful, but I am afraid this may be overstepping.

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    I saved the job description; there was a note that reads "Due to the number of applicants, the Nurse Recruiter and Nurse Managers are unable to meet and greet interested applicants in person. Please respect their time." Just an FYI. Guess we will all just have to sit back, relax and wait for them to contact us! Good luck everyone, I'm really hoping I can stop filling out applications soon...

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