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Hi all! I just applied to the VA's new graduate program in Palo Alto (The due date was January 26, 2012). I was hoping those that applied could keep in tabs and update others when news is received.... Read More

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    Got my rejection email today. After 2 intense weeks of consideration, first interviewing with telemetry/oncology and then passed on to a surprised group interview for med-surg the following week. We were told 2 out of the 4 interviewees would be awarded the position. And that set an extremely uncomfortable mood in the group interview, almost felt like a social experiment. I only had 2 minutes to prove myself and demonstrate my capability as a new nurse, the entire group interview was over in less then 25 minutes. I left feeling glad I was still in the race but definitely disillusioned by the process. I know that it wasn't meant to be. Congrats and good luck to all the new grads selected!!!
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    For those that got an interview, did you apply early, midway, or late in the 2-wk application period? Thanks
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    I applied on the very last day.