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usd mepn applicants 2011 - page 2

Anybody receive decision letters yet? I just called and was told they've started rollin' them out, totally a nervous wreck now!... Read More

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    any of the above posters have comments about the program (whether or not you'll be attending)? I am thinking about applying for 2012 and would like some feedback about the program Is it worth the 5 semesters? I plan on going for my NP right after so i'll have to do a post masters correct, since this is already a masters degree?

    Any of you know if you can withdraw from the program after the RN portion is complete?
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    Congrats to all of you starting this fall! I am in the process of applying for 2012 and was wondering if you would please share some of your stats (GPA, GRE, volunteer experience hours, etc.)? USD is my #1 choice for obvious reasons and I really want to make a great impression with my application. My GPA isn't very strong, which I'm really worried about. I have a Human Bio degree from a pretty competitive program. Any insight/personal experience will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance and congrats and good luck to all of you starting this fall!
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    Hello all!

    I just received notice that I got an interview (for fall 2012)! If any of you could share your interview experience it would be a huge help! I'm so excited and just want to make sure I'm completely prepared so I don't come off as a babbling excited dork! Thank you in advance!
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    Moved to the California nursing programs forum.