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Anybody receive decision letters yet? I just called and was told they've started rollin' them out, totally a nervous wreck now!... Read More

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    Does anyone know what the interview will consist of? I am really nervouse but soo excited that I get a chance to interview.

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    Hi Everyone! Congrats on getting an interview. I was exploring the site, and I came across this post from a user who attended the interviews last year:

    Quote from Sandman2855
    I had a group interview the first day and a one-on-one the next day. It was just chance which one was first and which day, in fact I think some people had them both the first day. During the group interview they had a faculty member and a current student who would ask a question. I think there were about 10-15 applicants per group. After the question, everyone would answer the same question. I think it pays to speak up early so that everything has not already been said about the subject. I usually did't have anything good right away so I would listen to 1 or 2 peoples answers and then jump in and maybe build on their answer or offer something else, whatever comes to your head. Dont worry about being nervous because everyone is nervous and they know that. For the one on one interview, my interviewer was really nice. Have some questions rehearsed and ready to ask her. Your application is definitely still considered and it does NOT depend solely on the interview. They were very clear about this. Feedback from the interview will be added to your overall application and selections are made based on the total application. Hope that calms some nerves
    Doesn't sound too bad!
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    Everbody on this post, come and find me @ the interview today, let's meet! My description is above, but I'll be wearing a tan dress w/scarf and tan shoes. I'm black and I think my hair will be up today...
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    any of the above posters have comments about the program (whether or not you'll be attending)? I am thinking about applying for 2012 and would like some feedback about the program Is it worth the 5 semesters? I plan on going for my NP right after so i'll have to do a post masters correct, since this is already a masters degree?

    Any of you know if you can withdraw from the program after the RN portion is complete?
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    Congrats to all of you starting this fall! I am in the process of applying for 2012 and was wondering if you would please share some of your stats (GPA, GRE, volunteer experience hours, etc.)? USD is my #1 choice for obvious reasons and I really want to make a great impression with my application. My GPA isn't very strong, which I'm really worried about. I have a Human Bio degree from a pretty competitive program. Any insight/personal experience will help me a lot.

    Thanks in advance and congrats and good luck to all of you starting this fall!
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    Hello all!

    I just received notice that I got an interview (for fall 2012)! If any of you could share your interview experience it would be a huge help! I'm so excited and just want to make sure I'm completely prepared so I don't come off as a babbling excited dork! Thank you in advance!
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