University of San Francisco Fall 2012

  1. 0 It's been a few days since the deadline for applications has passed, are there any of us here who have applied at USF for the fall of 2012?
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    I have hoping for the best its my first time applying at USF, but I been applying in my area for probably a year now. Good luck!
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    Oh, are you in the Bay Area? And thank you! I wish the best for you as well LyricalLuna!
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    No, I'm in Sacramento. Thanks! Are you in the bay?
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    I'm actually north of Sacramento in Yuba City!
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    Oh really haha didn't think you'd be from this area lol. Did you take all the pre reps at yuba or everget on the waitlist? Have you been applying for awhile?
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    Yeah, I just recently completed my pre-reqs at Yuba and this will be my first time applying.
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    I've applied too First time, so keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!

    Have any of you check your application summary online? I called them last week because according to that summary my letter of rec + transcripts had not been received, but the lady told me to wait a week because they don't process it so quickly. It's been a week, and same.. what about you guys?
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    Sorry for the late reply! And yes, I had the same issue, but they said it takes up to three weeks for that page to be updated upon receiving the paperwork. My page was finally updated today after being received on January 18th.

    Good luck to you as well!!
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    Yup they told me the same Do you know when we'll hear if got in or not? I read in some old thread that good news = beginning of March, bad news = could be as late as April
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    I'm not sure when we are supposed to be hearing back! I plan on calling/emailing this week to find out when we can expecto to hear back. Hopefully, we'll be future classmates together.
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    Hopefully! I'm already so nervous. Anyways, I got an email saying "Decisions will be sent out by the end of March." So I guess the latest we'll hear something is early April.
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    hi! i also applied for this cohort and am really nervous about my application! my gpa is really low but i'm hoping my rec, personal statement and ec's will balance that out somehow.

    kayla, was that email about the decisions a recent one? i haven't received any emails from them other than confirmation of my application.

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