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It's been a few days since the deadline for applications has passed, are there any of us here who have applied at USF for the fall of 2012?... Read More

  1. by   Kayla2012
    Hey Ileese, did you find the ASVP helpful and worth going to? I RSVPed for this Saturday but something equally important came up so I'm wondering what I should do. Was it a very general session (for all admitted students) or were you able to find out more info specific to us nursing students? I'm shadowing a nursing student at USF this Friday, so I'm thinking maybe I can just ask him/her some questions instead of going to the ASVP.
  2. by   Ileese
    Oh man! I definitely think your shadowing will be more beneficial to you than our asvp!! The program was more geared towards incoming freshmens. I enjoyed it just as much with my parents, but it wasnt until i got to do the transfer program session and the nursing program session( where we got to meet the nursing students and their director) that it became more helpful for me. We toured the lab and got to ask the students questions. Honestly you can get just as much out of your shadowing! Just tour the school yourself! i didnt know you could shadow a nursing student! I thought you just go with anymore lol.Please update on what you find out if possible I kind of got to see the faces of our potential nursing students. Of course sme might not attend, but it was cool to just be in the same classroom as them and the nursing director. Have a blast this Friday! Weather is going to be great- hopefully the same in SF! I MIGHT bein @ USG again this Friday!! Hehee
  3. by   Kayla2012
    Thanks Ileese! I won't be going to the ASVP then just the shadow program. Apparently we attend some kind of a admitted students info session there as well. I"ll let you know how it was. Thanks again and yes the weather is supposed to be awesome here as well!
  4. by   Ileese
    Haha sorry! I just realized i made some serious typos in my previous post. Typing on my ipad with my index fingers gets me carried away. But yeah! I'll pronanly be at USF visiting have fun again!
  5. by   AmberKu
    Hey all! So I got into the USF and SFSU nursing program. I am hearing a lot of ups and downs about both programs. Such as State taking much longer to complete due top budget cuts, and receiving better jobs upon graduating from USF (more so than SFSU). If anyone has any info that can help me in my decision making i would appreciate it very much!!!

    And congrats to everyone else who got in!!!!!!
  6. by   Ileese
    Congrats Amber!! You've got two great options! I'd suggest going to their admitted student visit programs ( there was just one april 14th/21th) to get a feel for the school and a bit info n their nursing program. Also see if you can Shadow a student like Kayla did ( above). I also heard from the nursing students themselves while i was at the USF nursing session that USF will put you on top of other Applicants seeking a job at other hospitals. She ws told by nursing managrs at the hospitals she did her clinicals at. Of course the biggest con is the tuition x the 3.5 years we have to go through. The school is just beautiful and centralized in a fantastic city. Of course SFSU is as well, but doesn't have all the crazy hills!! How long is the SFSU nursing program? Is it not structured for you to graduate in a certain amount of time?
  7. by   ssaarraahh
    Congrats to all those who got into the nursing program!! You will love the program and the teachers, who are all so helpful and really want to see you succeed. I graduated from there last December and I am still happy that I choose USF to be my school of nursing
  8. by   Ileese
    Cngrats And thanks Sarah!!
  9. by   SoonToBeRN22
    i know this is kind of late on this thread. but for those of you who got accepted as transfer students to USF nursing...what was your gpa/grades of pre requs like? I am thinking about applying after i receive my bachelors in public health.
  10. by   kp32
    Does anyone have any info on obtaining a BSN at USF, when you already have a bachelors? Thank you!