UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012

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    Hello ALL!!

    I am starting this thread to keep everyone informed as to the process at UCSF 2012 New Grad Training Program.

    Good luck to everyone applying!

    Hope we all hear some great news soon!

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    I don't see the job listings posted. Did advanced search with "training program" and nothing shows up. Where did you see it?
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    Find Career Opportunities at UCSF Medical Center

    Click "Job search" that is highlighted in blue and it will take you to the career page. They are the first postings that come up...good luck!
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    So....no cover letters necessary?
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    BTW thanks for the alert michelichka
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    Quote from lemonchiffon
    So....no cover letters necessary?
    Not sure...it did not specify!
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    No problem!
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    i uploaded a cover letter and recc letters on my ucsf career PROFILE. i hope they see it.


    What training program did you apply for?
    What unit did you precept on?
    When did you graduate?
    Any RN experience already?

    AHHH good luck everyone!! =D
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    is anyone else having problems with their application? the system keeps signing me off!
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    I did!! OMG so frustrating.
    I switched to internet explorer. and i realized when i was deleting all of my clinical experiences off my work experience section on the actual online application that is when i would get sign off and have to start the whole application process over.

    So. I edited the work experience section, and when i had listed my work experience i slowly and prayed very hard while i deleted the erroneous work experience pre filled from my resume.
    and it seemed to work.
    Good luck with that! Don't hesitate to call HR if you continue having problems, their webpage says they are open to help applicants with the process.

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