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Hello ALL!! I am starting this thread to keep everyone informed as to the process at UCSF 2012 New Grad Training Program. Good luck to everyone applying! Hope we all hear some great news soon! :)... Read More

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    Quote from calirn2010
    tashacorinne, i noticed you said you graduated "may 2001." just wanted to let you know that the ucsf application said that applicants cannot have graduated "[color=#3c3c3c]earlier than may, 2011." that's a bummer for me too because i graduated may 2010 and still haven't found a nursing job.
    whoops, that was actually a typo. i graduated in may 2011.

    but good luck to you in your search!

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    Quote from bayareastudent0711
    i uploaded a cover letter and recc letters on my ucsf career PROFILE. i hope they see it.


    What training program did you apply for?
    What unit did you precept on?
    When did you graduate?
    Any RN experience already?

    AHHH good luck everyone!! =D
    Hey I'm applying to UCSF too! hahaha good luck and I hope we all hear back from them!!
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    Hey all,

    Thanks to the person who started this thread. I am newly licensed and about to start my first RN job in St. Louis; I'll be on a pretty intense Acute Medicine (adults) floor at a major Top Ten hospital. Am glad I got this job, will do 10 weeks of training; however, I am obviously still set on CA like everyone else - my significant other is out there and due to the ******* economy and not being able to afford going to school out there, we've been apart for THREE years now. I got so excited when I saw that I could apply even with paid RN experience. I love Acute Medicine so I'm hoping to stay, although I was interested in a lot of training programs. I applied to almost everything except Peds - I don't think it will hurt your chances if you apply for more than a few. I honestly am open minded and am interested in a lot of things - so it's genuine. I wouldn't be scared to apply for a few; it's a rough economy and it shows you're covering your *** and you're not picky.

    Hakuna Matata and good luck!
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    Good morning!

    I also applied recently, and had some issues with an engineering position coming up when I clicked on the RN Training link. LOL. I opened a new tab and tried again, and it worked this time.

    I thought it was interesting how it was a very brief application process, not at all like others that have needed much more information!

    Good luck to all!

    ETA: Poll Questions:

    What training program did you apply for? Adult Acute Medical
    What unit did you precept on? N/A
    When did you graduate? This May
    Any RN experience already? No
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    Hey guys, I'd like to upload a cover letter and I'm wondering if any of you have the contact information for the person who will be reading them. Otherwise I'm just going to go with the old standby "to whom it may concern". ; ) Thanks and good luck to everybody!
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    just thought i'd post this while we all anxiously wait for "the call":

    2012 timeline:

    may training program opportunities posted (targeted for may).
    [color=#ffffff] opportunities will only be posted for 14 days.
    june resume pre-screening by human resources and hiring managers
    july candidate interviews and reference checking
    august final selections made by august 3, 2012
    [color=#ffffff] new hire onboarding, 2-3 weeks in duration
    september 10, 2012 training program begins
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    Any one hear anything yet???
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    My friend got a call for an interview for ICN
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    Quote from loma510
    My friend got a call for an interview for ICN
    What does ICN stand for?!? When did she get the call?
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    It stands for Intensive Care Nursery (you can Google these things, btw ). I didn't think they were going to make phone calls until July at least, but that's awesome.

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