UCSD New Grad (FMCC/NICU/Perinatal Program) 2013 - page 4

Hi, everyone! I am starting this thread to see if anyone out there has applied to- and possibly interviewed with- UCSD earlier in November for their new grad perinatal program (or for another program... Read More

  1. by   SDRN03
    Rainingeleven, I hope good because it was my first interview ever. Let's keep each other posted!
  2. by   rainingeleven
    Congrats on your first interview (: Which loop was it for?
  3. by   SDRN03
    Thanks rainingeleven! Same as u the L&D loop..
  4. by   rnducky
    Congrats on the interview SDRN03! Hope it went well!!

    I'll be interviewing for the NICU loop.
  5. by   SDRN03
    Thank u rnducky! Good luck with your interview!
  6. by   SDRN03
    For those who got the L&D interviews, lets keep each other posted!
  7. by   SDRN03
    So my status changed from 'referred to hiring department' to 'consideration for interview'.. I'm a bit confused. I already got an interview. I'm interpreting this 2 ways, either its a late entry or another interview will be scheduled? Someone pls enlighten me!
  8. by   SingingBird
    aww...I didnt know they were interviewing for L&D already. So happy for you guys though anyways.
  9. by   rainingeleven
    I think they got the statuses a little mixed up. I applied for both loops, but have only interviewed for L&D loop (my first choice). The other day when I checked my status, the L&D loop one still said "referred to hiring manager" and the NICU loop one said "consideration for interview" although I've heard nothing from NICU since responding to their initial questions. Today I checked again and NICU status says "interviewed- pending decision" and L&D says "consideration for interview". So I'm pretty sure they just got a little mixed up.
  10. by   shih001
    How was your interview? Did they say that you would hear back this week?
  11. by   SDRN03
    Did anybody hear from them yet??
  12. by   rainingeleven
    I just got an email that was a little confusing. It was a rejection letter for the NICU loop saying thank you for interviewing but we've chosen another candidate. However, I only interviewed for the L&D loop- never even met the NICU manager. So I'm really hoping the letter only pertained to the NICU loop and that I still have a chance for the L&D loop (haven't heard from them). I emailed them back asking for clarification.

    Has anyone else heard anything yet? For those who interviewed for the L&D loop, when were you told you would hear back? They told me around 2 weeks, maybe a little longer and my interview was on May 31.
  13. by   SDRN03
    Just checked my status, & it says 'interviewed-pending decision'.. if anyone heard anything from them, please give us updates!