UCSD new grad or CNII Perinatal/NICU position - page 2

Has anyone else applied to the UCSD new grad perinatal/nicu program or the Perinatal CNII position posted? The job closes 11/23/12 and wondering if anyone has heard anything? Wondering when they will be be contacting people and... Read More

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    Looks like the posting for the Perinatal CN II is back up, they have it posted again with the deadline of 12/15/12. Maybe they didn't find what they were looking for first time around. Maybe we still have a chance? Hmm.... guess we will have to wait and see!

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    Thanks for all of the input and support! Another girl that had an interview this week said they were hoping to have their final decisions by next monday so I'll know soon one way or another ::fingers crossed::

    Obviously my specialty is perinatal, but after a few months of applying for those specific units, I've definitely started branching out and more recently started applying to any new grad position in CA and haven't really had any luck there so far either. I think I might email a couple of the instructors from my MNNC class and get their advice because otherwise I don't really have connections to the medical field (I went to school in LA and none of my family/friends are in hospitals). At this point, I'm really worried that investing more money/credentials isn't going to get me the job over someone else, I'm worried it's my interview skills. I've scored several interview over the last year, but never get passed that point; I've researched and prepared quite a bit before each one and am very confident in my communication skills, but I must be doing something wrong... anyways, I'll keep you updated when I hear something from UCSD
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    Anyone hear back from UCSD regarding these positions? Hopefully you guys recieved good news!!!!!!! *Fingers Crossed*
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    Omg! Got the job offer today and quickly accepted. Good luck to everyone else still awaiting a call!

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