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Hello to all prospective UCLA Nurses! My name is Matthew and I'm a CSU Long Beach alumnus. I'm currently working as a Super User RN for the UCLA Health System. I hope this thread will be able to answer our questions about... Read More

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    @Sophia- sorry to hear =[. I was a SU, and received a job offer this week to join the MICU. Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled. I feel like I won the lottery! There were two other new grads hired into the unit, but I don't know if they were super users. Best of luck to those who are still waiting to hear back!
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    Quote from Newbie, RN
    Manager from 8ICU called last Friday to say that she was still considering me and needed more time. She said she would make a final decision this week. It's Friday so I'm guessing that means today... Fingers are (still) crossed. She mentioned to me last week that start date could be pushed back to June or July. But somebody else said this month, so maybe that's changed?!?
    Good luck everybody!
    I was told the same! The unit director actually told me she would have a decision by Wednesday, but I haven't heard back yet. This waiting game has been so hard! Hope we hear back soon. Good luck
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    Has anyone heard back from General Surgery? Thanks!
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    Has anyone heard back from the ortho unit ?
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    I received a rejection letter. I feel so sad.
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    What a wasted 3 months. I guess it's time to find any nursing job.
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    Sorry everyone I became bitter.
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    Quote from Ticklelicious
    Sorry everyone I became bitter.
    Keep your head up! Ive been waiting a year and still haven't lost hope!
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    Was the rejection letter emailed or mailed to you? If you mind me asking?
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    I was told Wednesday as well, but when she didn't call I assumed I either heard her wrong or she meant Friday since that's what she had said before. Glad to know it wasn't just me. I emailed her last Friday and got an auto message bc she was out of the office. No call on Monday. Tuesday night she called after 7pm. My phone was on silent bc I was at dinner with my husband for his birthday. When I finally get to my phone, I had 2 missed calls and voicemails from UCLA. One from manager and one from HR!! Neither voicemail said I was offered a job, just that I should call back to "discuss my application for the residency program". So, obviously I could not sleep last night! So I called FIRST thing this morning and they offered me the job!!! I am so excited! This is unbelievable. The start date is June 10th, I was told! Just a month away!!
    Ok, good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back. They are def making phone calls. The HR lady said it was a new process with offers coming directly from HR and not the unit managers, so there is a learning curve...
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