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    I just wanted to share information with you all. Letters of recommendation can be from nursing faculty and previous employers, in case anyone was wondering.

    And I'm pretty sure scanning your letters and uploading them is the standard protocol. If they want to check authenticity, they can.
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    Thanks @sallyp911 for starting this thread

    Good luck to everyone who is applying! We can do this!
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    Hey everyone, I'll be applying too! They want you to scan and upload the letters. Later on in the hiring process, a confidential survey is sent out to I think 5 references of your choice.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Which address did you guys write on your cover letter? Since there are the Ronald Reagan & Santa Monica locations..
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    Hi there! I used the UCLA Health System Human Resources contact information and addressed the letter to the nurse recruiter. The address can be found here:

    UCLA Health System - Human Resources: Contact Us
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    Anyone else applying right now? What's the difference between a Word Document and MS Word Document? They want the resume in both formats...
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    I was wondering the same thing.. I uploaded the same format (MS Word) for both.
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    old versions of files (doc) can be opened in office 2007 with no problems, but the new files (docx) can’t be opened in the old versions of office (like office 2003) so make sure you save your resume and cover letter as .doc before uploading!

    flee43 - did you address the letter to "nurse recruiter" or a specific person's name? if so, do you mind pming me the name? i would greatly appreciate it!

    good luck everyone!
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    Don't put a specific name, I remember the nursing recruiter saying that a lot of people look at it and not just her.

    I wasn't prompted to take the survey afterwards. Did anyone else have this problem?
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    Address it to "Nurse Recruitment".