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    Hi Everyone,

    I just got a job at UCLA's SICU/Liver transplant New Grad Program. Praise God!
    Anyone else starting with me? I think the support would be great :wink2: I also wanted to thank all the wonderful people on allnurses who have answered my many questions and have given me advice about everything! you guys are the best ever, this site has been such a blessing.
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    Congrats! God is Good!
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    Congratulations!!!!! God is very good!!!!
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    Thanks, I can't wait
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    Hey Malaski,

    I am looking to apply for the new grad program next year. I'm finishing up my BSN at NYU and am headed back to LA right after. What is the application process like? I know it's extremely competitive (congrats for getting in!) but wanted to know how the selection process works.
    Thanks for your input!
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    Hey Addie,

    Apply early - I applied January 12th had my interview in Feb and I did not get a call back until the end of March. From my understanding there were 12 new grads chosen to work in my unit, and I know that during Feb alone, there were over 100 interviewees. I recommend doing an internship or doing some CNA work during your last semester. I was a student extern/work study during my last semester and I had over 140 hours of ICU clinical experience during my last rotation. From what I have heard - they tend to prefer candidates with some prior work experience. If you are selected for an interview, they will ask you whether you want to do a phone interview or an in-person one for 3 different units of your choice (if there are still openings). In my opinion, the phone interview was A LOT harder than the in person interviews. If I had to choose again, I would choose to do ALL in-person interviews. Anyways, hope that helps. Good luck with everything!
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    Wow. Ok great. I have some healthcare experience at UCLA but I will try to find an internship out here before applying. Did you apply when you were still in nursing school? Before you took the NCLEX? I will be graduating in May 2010, but plan on applying anyways in January. Is this ok to do?
    Do they require your transcripts when you apply?

    Thanks for all of your helpful feedback,
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    yes, I applied while I was still in school. I just graduated this May 2009, and I applied in Jan. I will be taking my NCLEX at the end of this month and I will start work this August 10th.
    You will need all your transcripts from pre-nursing and nursing school even though you are still not done. Also 2 academic letters of recommendations
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    Hey Addie,

    My name is Marianne (formerly Pepper167) and I just logged in after over a year of absence and saw a message you wrote to me early last year. Just as an update, I unfortunately did not get into NYU but I have accepted a seat at MGHIHP's ABSN program in Boston. I deferred for May 2010 to travel, but I'm really very excited to start now. Anyway, it looks like you're doing really well -- a good friend of mine, Linsday, is also at NYU and it looks like you may be in the same class. Anyway, she loves it, and I will be visiting often once I'm on the East Coast. Sorry for sending this through a post, but I couldn't figure out how to PM or email or anything! ha. Again, best of luck. If you want to keep in touch, you can email me

    Take care!
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