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Haven been looking around and haven't really seen a topic on this yet. This is my dream school/program. I am from Seattle so I am having to get a lot of info from them long-distance instead of going to an information session. Has... Read More

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    Quote from moonsilver
    Yep, Tweety2013's right - last year all 60 alternates were accepted, so there is still a chance.

    Speaking of which...I was informed yesterday that I was accepted off the wait list! WOOOOO!
    Yay! Congrats @moonsilver! What number were you on the waitlist.

    Even thought all 60 alternates were accepted last year, I am still a little hesitant and would still like to know updates on those who got in from waitlist.
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    What number were you!? CONGRATS!!! I can IMAGINE how amazing that must feel. Did they call or email?
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    Hi Tweety2013 and mmccann44, I was number 18. I found out via email.
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    Great! Thank you moonsilver! Congrats again! Is anyone else willing to call and ask today to see what number they are up to? Haha.
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    Just got in! I was number 20 on the list. Good luck to those still waiting!
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    Quote from jkm07
    Just got in! I was number 20 on the list. Good luck to those still waiting!
    Congratulations @jkm07!!! I hope we hear more good news soon.
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    Any updates on the waitlist?
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    Quote from eoneill
    Any updates on the waitlist?
    I emailed D today about the number of alternates that got accepted as of today and she said that 20 alternates have been accepted.
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    Thank you tweety2013. I hope that changes soon
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    I was recently accepted to UCLA's MECN Fall Quarter, 2013. It is difficult to get information for this program however; once you apply and are accepted, the Nursing department sends you a list of things you must complete before starting UCLA. This is relatively easy process. From my experience this is what has happened so far:
    - Acceptance letter into program.
    - Complete the Statement of Intention to Register and Statement of Legal Residence
    - Complete all financial aid (FAFSA)
    - Sign up for Bruin Account
    - Enroll in an Epidemiology summer course (Nursing 50)
    - Apply to housing (your choice)
    - Complete all health requirements: immunizations, (positive titers to Hep B, Measeals, Mumps, Rubella Varicella Zoster), Neg tb test, TDap, "Good Health Statement" form doctor, and Seasonal Influenza vaccine
    - Complete Background check
    - Complete BLS-CPR course
    - Complete HIPPA training on-line
    - Attend a 2-day mandatory orientation

    Hopefully, I have been some help to you. Good luck in all your endeavors!