Is there any body who went to Kaplan(Sacramento) for their LVN?? How worthy is it?

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    Please help me out. I was planning to do my LVN through Kaplan (Sacramento). I was debating if it is a good decision going to this school?

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    I'm in the same area...How much is Kaplan vs Unitek, if you don't mind my asking.
    charles jones is just under 20K --- I'm talking about for an LVN.

    WCC is the most expensive.
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    Unitek is almost 40k vs 30k at Kaplan. By the way where is charles jones?
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    Kaplan I know is cheaper than Unitek.
    Unitek is about 34k.
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    I currently go to Kaplan San Diego for the LVN program and I would recommend it. It's a great program. and the tuition is around $34,000 for the 15 month program.
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    I go to Kaplan north Hollywood, and was gonna transfer to sac. It's a great school and the DON is very nice. Great clinical sites with the last term at a hospital.
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    Charles Jones in in South Sacramento. CAJ.EDU
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    But unitek is faster, right? Charles Jones is 10 months plus prereqs (they usually offer a 6 week prereq program once a year)

    Does anyone know how fast unitek and kaplan are and whether prereqs are included?
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    In regards to Unitek Sacramento campus, their LVN program is 11 months. The prereqs costs $3,150 in which you have to pay out of pocket and is 2 weeks long for 6 prereqs courses. The total cost of the program is $34,000.
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    Thanks for the unitek info. Do u know if they start often? or is like 2 times per year?

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